Ieri sera Blizzard ha pubblicato lo strumento di traduzione definitivo, adesso tutti potranno parlare il linguaggio murloc dovunque si trovino grazie ad un semplice segnalibro del browser.

Seguite le istruzioni riportate qui sotto e salutate i nostri amici squamosi. Mmrrgll!

We’re excited to announce that the official Blizzard websites are now fully localized for murloc players everywhere. One benefit of countless failed attempts at establishing peaceful relations with various murloc tribes is that we have finally unlocked the secrets of Nerglish syntax and grammar. Thanks to this breakthrough in human-to-murloc communication, murlocs everywhere will now be able to engage with their human counterparts on equal footing.

Murlocs: simply install the Nerglish Translator bookmarklet and get ready to surf our sites in your native tongue!


  • Option 1—drag and drop the translator link below onto your browser’s bookmarks bar
  • Option 2—manual Installation:
    • Copy the translator link’s code to your clipboard
    • Open your browser’s bookmark manager
    • Create a new bookmark and paste the link’s code into the bookmark’s URL field

That’s it! Now you can use this bookmarklet to translate any Blizzard page into Nerglish. In the hallowed and inspiring words of Morgl, “MRRRGGK!”

Translate to Nerglish

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