Lo smart working in casa Blizzard

Scritto da Heartblow - 22 Maggio 2020 alle 12:30

In questo periodo di emergenza, lo smart working non è più solo un’opzione, ma spesso una necessità. Anche Blizzard ha ovviamente dovuto adeguarsi e ha anche trovato un modo tutto suo per stemperare l’attuale situazione.

L’internal communications manager Stu White ha infatti ideato una singolare sfida dove ha chiamato i suoi colleghi a ricreare in casa alcune delle illustrazioni più famose dei loro giochi. Il risultato è uno di quei mix tra genialità e imbarazzo che non può non strappare una risata. Tuffatevi quindi nella lettura del bluepost sottostante e, perchè no, provate anche voi a partecipare.

Blizzard employees have been hard at work this past month, staying safe and making games from their home offices. To shake things up a bit, internal communications manager Stu White challenged coworkers to recreate famous Blizzard art with their own unique, stay-at-home spin. Check out some of the resulting toilet paper and pajama-adorned masterworks, dubbed “Amateur Pieces,” below!

Associate community manager Edaleen Cruz recreated Deckard Cain’s iconic Tristram Cathedral over-the-shoulder smolder, substituting rolls of toilet paper for books and out-cozying his robe with one of her own. She kept the candles, of course, for maximum dramatic effect.


Arthas, it would seem, has met his match in animation editor Adam Rickabus. Dishmourne brandished and Mask of Domination donned, Adam recreated an emblematic shot of the infamous Lich King with his own stay-at-home flair. The very forests of Lordaeron whisper the name Arthas.. and the dishwashers of Irvine whisper the name Adam.

Summoned after eons in exile by player relations coordinator Liam Kerr’s dark ritual, Murkleth has returned to Irvine, ready to usher in an age of darkness and murloc misery.


Senior administrative assistant Keikei Day and friends Shani Edwards and Chip Pasco created their own rendition of Diablo IV’s heroes of Sanctuary. The first three champions (and their trusty dogs Drake and Jasper) are ready to face the unspeakable horrors that blight this land, toilet paper and wipes in hand.

We hope you enjoyed this peek into stay-at-home life, Blizzard style—it’s important to balance work with play, after all! From all of us, stay happy, healthy, and safe.

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