Diablo III: PTR d’emergenza per freeze e crash

Scritto da Diego "Feriand" Pagano - 5 Agosto 2021 alle 14:00

AGGIORNAMENTO 07/08/2021 ore 12:30: stanotte il PTR è entrato nella fase 2.

A partire da oggi Blizzard ha attivato un cosiddetto PTR Pop-up per risolvere problemi di blocco del gioco segnalati da molti giocatori.

Ciò che viene chiesto ai giocatori è questo:

  • Scaricare il PTR e loggare quando disponibile.
  • Cercare di riprodurre le condizioni che portano al freeze del client.
  • Condividete i passaggi che avete seguito sul forum ufficiale, insieme al contenuto dell’ultimo file D3Debug.txt generato dal proprio programma (viene consigliato l’uso del sito web pastebin).
  • Nel corso del periodo di test ci saranno diverse versioni del PTR disponibili, fornire feedback il più possibile aiuterà molto il lavoro di risoluzione dei bug.

Nel caso ci fossero novità o il problema fosse risolto, aggiorneremo questa notizia.

PTR Pop-Up Coming August 5 – Focus on Freezing Issue

PTR Pop-up is coming this Thursday, August 5. The focus for this PTR is to get into the details of what is causing lag spikes and/or game freezes for players. This has been a recurring issue for players, and we’re hoping to gather information with the intent to fix this inconvenience and improve game stability for all Diablo III players.

To be transparent, reproducing this issue has provided our internal teams with unique challenges, and with this PTR Pop-up, we’ve incorporated new player log capabilities within D3Debug.txt to dive into this issue with all of you. We’re hoping that our collective efforts can help contribute to a fix for all players.

References threads below:

Phase 1: How do we approach this issue?

  • We’re kindly asking for you to play the PTR Pop-up which starts on August 5, with the intent to specifically reproduce the bug/freeze issue.
  • If you encounter an instance of the freeze/lag bug, please share your D3Debug.txt file within this thread via
  • Please share any steps to reproduce the issue within the same post.

Phase 2: Incoming Reactive Fixes

  • Our teams will be gathering the data with plans to update the build during the PTR Pop-up testing period.
  • The core process will involve pushing out a new build and asking for players to continue to test.
  • If players experience the issue again, we’re requesting for players to continue to update the thread with new D3Debug.txt files (via 5)

Phase 3: Rinse & Repeat

  • We’re hoping to go through this course to the point where we gather enough to fix the issue.

Updates and More

We understand that this is taking place during Season 24, and we apologize if this time to test is taking away from your experience. We want to extend our thanks for considering participating in the Pop-up PTR and we hope to keep the thread busy with updates.

Thank you for taking the time to read and look forward to seeing you in the PTR!

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