Hearthstone: live nuovi fix e bilanciamenti della Battaglia

Scritto da Diego "Feriand" Pagano - 12 Novembre 2019 alle 9:37

Con una comunicazione sul forum ufficiale Blizzard ha confermato il rilascio della patch 15.6.2 di Hearthstone, mirata alla correzione dei problemi tecnici dell’ultima settimana e al primo bilanciamento della Modalità Battaglia.

Molte delle problematiche riguardanti bug grafici, missioni giornaliere e composizione dei mazzi dovrebbero essere risolte, inoltre ci sono state delle ottimizzazioni rivolte ai cellulari meno potenti che hanno difficoltà a far girare la Modalità Battaglia.

Sono anche arrivati i primi nerf e buff per la Battaglia, che si basano sul testing interno degli sviluppatori prima del rilascio ufficiale. Questi cambiamenti sono già stati applicati anche al database web ufficiale.

  • Mamma Orsa adesso è un 4/4 che potenzia le Bestie evocate +4/+4 (prima era 5/5 che buffava +5/+5).
  • Apprendista di Kangor adesso è un 3/6 (prima era 4/8).
  • Il Potere Eroe di Toki dell’Infinito adesso costa 2 (prima costava 1)
  • Il Potere Eroe di Re Mukla adesso fa guadagnare una Banana dopo aver comprato una bestia (prima ciò avveniva alla vendita).
  • Il Potere Eroe di Sire Jaraxxus adesso costa 2 (prima costava 3).

Blizzard ha anche confermato l’arrivo di altre novità per la Battaglia (sia nell’interfaccia che nelle funzionalità) nelle prossime settimane, insieme alla promessa di aggiornamenti frequenti alla beta.

Hi all,

We’re in the process of releasing a new update, which is now live on PC and rolling out over the next few hours on mobile operating systems. This update contains a variety of optimizations to improve performance when playing Battlegrounds, especially on devices with fewer than 2GB of RAM. Please note that players on devices with lower memory may still experience degraded performance.

As a note for iOS users, please ensure you have updated to the latest version of iOS to receive the greatest performance increase from these optimizations.

There were some balance changes that we identified based on our initial testing that didn’t quite make it in for release, so we’re making those live with today’s update.

Balance Changes

  • Minions
    • Mama Bear
      • Changed from 5/5 giving +5/+5 to 4/4 giving +4/+4
    • Kangor’s Apprentice
      • Changed from 4/8 to 3/6
  • Hero Powers
    • Infinite Toki
      • Temporal Tavern
        • Changed from 1 cost to 2 and now reads “Refresh Bob’s Tavern. Add a minion from a higher Tavern Tier.”
    • King Mukla
      • Bananarama
        • Changed to “Passive Hero Power: Whenever you buy a beast, add a Banana to your hand.”
    • Jaraxxus
      • Bloodfury
        • Hero power changed from 3 cost to 2.

Game Fixes & Improvements

  • Squelch now works as intended + no longer causes crashes under certain circumstances
  • Daily Quests can now be rerolled
  • Hallow’s End Arena Daily Quest can now be completed
  • A variety of Android crashes have been fixed
  • Memory optimization for Battlegrounds for devices with less than 2GB of RAM

We’re aiming to make updates fairly regularly – every month or so, or perhaps a little faster. We’ll have more information on future updates over the next few weeks.

While I’m here, I wanted to talk a bit about Battlegrounds and what we’re seeing and feeling since we launched in beta last week.

Overall, we’ve been thrilled by the response players have had to Battlegrounds, and we’ve been closely watching the feedback coming in. We’re continuing to work on a variety of things coming in the future, but I’d like to call out to a few of them. Please note all of this is future-looking – none of this is getting added quite yet.

New Heroes and Minions!

We’ve been cooking up some new heroes and minions, and we’ll be making them live within the game with our next update. We don’t want to say too much right now, but a couple of very familiar faces will be included.


We know the amount of gameplay information that informs how players are performing is limited right now, and we are already hard at work on an advanced stats screen that will be available in the next update. We’ll have much more detail soon, but expect things like your top 5 heroes by wins, most played heroes, how many first place finishes you’ve completed, and more.

Leaderboard Updates

We want to give players more useful information about their opponents so they can make more informed gameplay decisions and build more complex strategies. On the left-hand leaderboard we’re going to be adding some addition information on the minion types that your opponents have. For example, you’ll be able to see that one of your opponents currently holds three murlocs and two demons.

The Selling Experience

We want to make some improvements to how minions are sold, allowing minions to be sold from your hand. We think this will make it into the game some time early next year, and we’ll have more updates on how that is progressing, especially if we think it will come later than January.

Open Beta begins tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 12th @ 10am PT! We hope to see you all in the Tavern!

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