Heroes of the Storm: Alamorte in PTR dal 25 novembre

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Finalmente l’annuncio che tutti i fan di Heroes of the Storm stavano aspettando: Alamorte sarà in PTR a partire dal 25 novembre. In arrivo ci sarà anche il nuovo Toy Event, che sostituirà l’attuale Colpo al Casinò, quest’ultimo infatti terminerà il 3 dicembre. Verosimilmente quindi Alamorte e la nuova patch saranno Live dopo il 4 dicembre.

Il team di sviluppo ha chiarito che Alamorte non era pronto per la BlizzCon 2019 e che hanno lavorato duramente per far uscire il nuovo eroe entro la fine di quest’anno, anche se avrebbero voluto che fosse in live per gennaio/febbraio 2020.

Blizzard Entertainment

The PTR with Deathwing will be up next week. The Cataclysm is coming soon!

Smart, announce like 5 weeks before people can use him, that sure makes people not get frustrated.

We could have made the decision to release him January or February. He wasn’t ready for the public at Blizzcon. A lot of what we showed there was temporary fx, balance and lots of bugs. We showed him there because we wanted to give the people who go to the show something we were releasing soon. We did the world shake and build up to get people excited for the reveal. We also thought it would be cool for people who didn’t get to go to the show to see him on the virtual ticket and streams from Blizzcon.

We worked really hard on this hero to get him to you by the end of the year. There are a select few here that worked especially long hours to get this guy ready for you to play over the last few months (/u/Blizz_Thomas I’m looking at you and thank you my dude).

I know it can be frustrating to wait but not many people think about how frustrated they were having to wait a month or two before a release of something they’re excited about after it has been released. But soon he will be here burning down structures and foes and hopefully your frustration will fade. We’re really proud of this one. Hope you enjoy Deathwing as much as we do.

Hey, can you give examples of fx that will be changed for the release version?

Almost all of the FX had some level of touch-up between the BlizzCon build and release. While a lot of that is general polish and/or performance tweaks, there are also a ton of additions as well.

He’s got new impacts across the board, unique impacts for minions to reduce the noise on screen, updated FX while changing forms to help distinguish which one is being activated, and some team color elements for Dragon Flight and Cataclysm.

Deathwing was a challenge specifically because of the scale and nature of his FX (Fire). Making things work well and look distinct between teams and next to other heroes with similar elements was a big challenge (I’m looking at you Kael’Thas!). Like Brew said, I hope you all enjoy Deathwing as much as we do and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts next week. GLHF!

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