Heroes of the Storm: frequenza delle patch e bug di Xul

Scritto da Diego "Feriand" Pagano - 16 Marzo 2020 alle 12:30

La scorsa settimana il rework di Xul ha avuto riscontri piuttosto positivi tra i giocatori, ma non sono mancati i problemi. Blizzard ha anche chiarito quando possiamo aspettarci i prossimi aggiornamenti.

Attualmente il Negromante Misterioso è afflitto da un bug che fa esplodere due volte i suoi Guerrieri Scheletrici, aumentando sproporzionatamente l’output di danno. Lo sviluppatore Adam Jackson ha dichiarato su reddit che il team è a conoscenza del problema, ma non sono ancora intervenuti a causa della situazione di assestamento lavorativo necessaria per affrontare il coronavirus. Se tutto va bene, questa settimana arriverà il fix.

Sempre Jackson ha risposto ad una domanda su reddit su quanto tempo debba passare tra una patch e l’altra: che sia di contenuti anche solo di bilanciamenti, l’obiettivo è quelli di averne una fra le 3 e le 4 settimane. Ovviamente se non ci sono impedimenti.

Question for the Devs: Are you still adhering to a set cadence for balance patches, and of so what is it?


The plan for this year is to have a patch every 3-4 weeks, with a number of factors determining when the time between patches is either 3 or 4 weeks.

Of course, this is subject to change depending on various circumstances, but that is our plan for this year going forward.

Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that we’re aware of the bugs with Xul’s skeletons not working entirely correctly, and we’re looking to push out a fix sometime next week. We were hoping to get one out sooner, but world events have impacted us like they have so many others.

I also want to say that this one was my bad, and i’m a bit bummed that what I’m hoping will be an awesome rework had to ship with these. To give you a little peek into how development works, basically we had a minor animation bug when he spawned his Skeletons with his Scythe and the Jailors talent, and my fix for the bug was to put a birth delay that his normal laner skeletons have onto those ones as well (he has two “different” skeletons that he spawns in the backend because the Jailors have never counted towards his cap, causing them to be mostly the same but a little different). What I didn’t know at the time was that this birth delay is actually hooked up to all of the extra “stuff” that happens when he spawns his laner skeletons, which duplicated the effects that the Spectral Scythe and Jailor skeletons gain, including their Corpse Exploding effect when they die (this is why they “die” twice and why they have some weird interactions with his skeleton cap from minions). We tested him for a very long time without any of these bugs occurring, and since this was actually the last bug fix I did before he was pushed Live, there wasn’t really an opportunity for QA to catch it, particularly since their check for my fix was whether or not a minor animation was now working correctly (which it was), which has little to do with how the different skeletons spawn and deal damage on a base level.

These kinds of things happen all the time due to how complex and layered interactions are in our game (coding is complicated who knew), but I wanted to give some insight into how these things can come about.

Thanks for your patience. A fix is (hopefully) coming in the near future ™.

Actors – the bane of anyone working with the galaxy engine.

Surprisingly enough, this wasn’t an actor but just an effect that I plugged into a chain.

But yes, Actors scare me. 😛

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