Tramite aggiornamento della notizia ufficiale, veniamo a sapere che l’attuale stagione competitiva di Heroes of the Storm è stata prolungata, allontanando quindi l’arrivo del PTR.

Nell’AMA del 6 marzo gli sviluppatori avevano parlato dell’arrivo della coda unica per Lega Eroi e Lega Squadre al termine della attuale stagione, inizialmente prevista intorno al 19 marzo. Questo aveva fatto speculare i giocatori sull’arrivo delle prossime novità nel PTR questa settimana, ma così non è stato.

Sulla notizia ufficiale della Stagione c’è stato un cambiamento, del quale non abbiamo ricevuto alcun avviso, il cui termine è stato spostato al 26 marzo.

Inizio Stagione 1 2019Settimana dell’11 dicembre 2018*
Fine Stagione 1 2019Settimana del 26 marzo 2019*

*Le date esatte potrebbero variare a seconda della regione.

Questa modifica potrebbe essere dovuta a un contrattempo dell’ultimo minuto oppure alla discussione sulla nuova coda unica che in questi giorni è avvenuta tra sviluppatori e giocatori.

L’utente Daeimiaenne ha scritto un thread, affermando che utilizzare il grado più alto raggiunto in Lega Eroi e Lega Squadre per determinare quello nel nuovo sistema sarebbe scorretto, perché permetterebbe a chi ha abusato di “boosting” di avere fin da subito un grado che non si merita. Questo porterebbe anche a molti match sbilanciati prima che il matchmaking abbia il tempo di adeguarsi.

Brett “Daybringer” Crawford è intervenuto con diversi messaggi nella discussione, spiegando che il team ha preso questa decisione per permettere al maggior numero di giocatori possibile di giocare insieme ai loro amici nella modalità competitiva. La sua promessa è anche quella di punire chi abuserà del sistema.

Good evening friends,

Thank you for taking the time to write up this feedback. We are very aware of the Team League smurfing/boosting and what it has done to the credibility of the rankings of that mode. I believe that we have measures in place that should nullify the vast majority of the concerns you have brought up but I will follow-up with our feature team tomorrow and double-check everything.

Our goal with the new Ranked Mode is to create a healthy and fair place for players to compete. We are doing our best to make sure that the mode is free from exploitation on release and have the ability to act quickly if someone finds a way to do so.

Thanks again for your passion and concern, it means the world to us!

I should also add that we are doing all of this with a parallel passion of making sure that friends of all skill levels have an opportunity to play together in a competitive environment. I believe David Gower answered it a couple of times in the earlier AMA, but we are doing our best to make targeted design-decisions towards (although cautious ones at first) allowing groups of varying skill levels to play together in this mode.

this is the one thing where I can’t just agree with the team, everything else is peachy.

I’d love to keep allowing this for obvious reasons, but this isn’t what happens on other competitive games.

Dota 2Parties with members whose MMRs are 3000 or more apart are unable to queue for ranked matches.

OverwatchThe SR of each group member must be within 1000 (positive or negative) of all other group members ranked at Diamond or below, within 500 of all members ranked at Master or above and within 350 of all members ranked at Grandmaster.

While this caters to the high demographic of Dota 2 and Overwatch, this is what makes their Ranked virtuallyinvulnerable to criticism. And that lack of criticism is stronger than the possibility of playing with your friends on Draft, specially if we already have Unranked for that.

Following that solid integrity is what I suggest for HOTS… because time and time and time again the high ranked players find something to complain about the ranked challenge quality, and they will always cite the integrity of the system.

So give them what they want, and don’t allow Grandmasters to play with Bronzes anymore (this is an example, but basically, keep the system on a tight leash). If not, this will keep encouraging Grandmasters to create smurfs, and won’t completely remove boosting or exploiting the system (if I understood it correctly).

These following months will be make or do for Ranked, it’s the last stand for many players, as you can read from the other comments. It’s a hard decision to make and I trust you guys, but I cannot defend you on a decision that won’t fully protect the credibility of the system.

I don’t disagree with you at all.

Unfortunately this hard-line concept has and will always be difficult. There are so many different variables in play when it comes to friends playing together that we unfortunately cant solve for all of them.

The current design is trying to be as friendly as possible to all groups of friends while also denying the exploitation of the system in order to improve their own individual ranks.

As stated in my comment earlier, if some group of hooligans find a way to exploit this league, we plan to make quick and concise changes to stop it.

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