StarCraft II Community Update: Nydus e upgrade Protoss

Scritto da Flavio "miaNonna" Rogledi - 14 Marzo 2019 alle 10:00

A circa due settimane dalla splendida finale di Katowice tra Soo e Stats, è giunta l’ora per la community di tirare le somme sul balance. Martedì 12 marzo, Blizzard ha rilasciato un update sulla continua discussione che vede coinvolti: pro players, amatori e gli stessi sviluppatori del gioco.

L’ultima decisione spetta ovviamente a questi ultimi, il cosidetto “Team di bilanciamento”. Si è parlato di due tematiche principali: riduzione dell’armatura del verme Nydus e riduzione della velocità nella produzione degli upgrade per l’armata Protoss (volante e terrestre).

Difficile per ora dire quanto effettivamente questi cambiamenti influiranno sul gameplay, ma non si tratta ancora di scelte definitive e tutto potrebbe essere soggetto ad ulteriori variazioni, almeno fino al 25 marzo, data in cui si dovrebbe ufficializzare il tutto. Di seguito vi lasciamo il post ufficiale Blizzard, buona lettura!


After an epic final and an emotional championship ceremony at IEM Katowice, we got to witness soO take home a championship win! It was an uphill battle as he started the series being down 0–2, but in the end, he pulled it off and came through with a victory. Congratulations to soO!

Speaking of IEM, we saw a lot of cool strategies employed throughout the tournament, including Gumiho’s Battle Mech, as well as the subject of our first discussion topic: Nydus Worms.

Nydus Network/Nydus Worm

  • Nydus Worms will now have 3 armor instead of 5 armor when emerging.

While we love seeing some of the new strategies involving the Nydus Worm in action, we feel it can sometimes take too much of a commitment to stop a Worm from emerging even if the defender spots it right away. To help remedy this, we’re reducing the Nydus Worms’ armor while they emerge to give small groups of basic units—like Zerglings, Zealots, and Marines—an easier time taking them out, provided they discover them within a reasonable time frame. At the same time, we’d still like to keep some of its bonus armor intact to preserve its resilience against worker pulls.

Forge/Cybernetics Core

  • Level 1 upgrade times increased by 15 seconds.
  • Level 2 upgrade times increased by 18 seconds.
  • Level 3 upgrade times increased by 22 seconds.

Over the past few months, we’ve been following discussions within the community surrounding the TvP matchup, much of it centered around Protoss’s ability to build an upgrade advantage over Terran. To address this, we’d like to reduce the windows in which Protoss are able to gain that advantage over Terran by increasing the Protoss upgrade durations. As upgrades have historically been particularly impactful, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this change.

Our current plan is to release these changes to live servers on Monday, March 25. However, in order to give players ample practice time, these changes will be available for testing on the Testing tab and the Balance Test mod starting today. As always, let us know your thoughts!

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