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Warcraft Rumble: arrivano i Mini Cenariani!

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Questo mercoledì, in concomitanza della Stagione 7, arriveranno su Warcraft Rumble i nuovi Mini Cenariani! Questo nuovo esercito porta un gameplay più difensivo rispetto a quanto visto finora, ma anche alcuni trucchetti in grado di cambiare le regole dello schieramento dei Mini. Vediamo qualche dettaglio:

Esercito Cenariano


  • Cenarius
  • Onu


  • Antico della Guerra
  • Lunagufo
  • Bestia della Palude
  • Ovviamente, vanno aggiunti anche il Drago Fatato e la magia Terra e Luna della Stagione in corso.

La parola chiave per i Cenariani è “flessibilità“. Oltre ad utilizzare regole particolari come la dualità di Terra e Luna, diversi poteri dei Cenariani impediscono lo schieramento libero dei mini avversari, favorendo invece il proprio attraverso la fortezza semovente di Onu. Particolare anche l’Antico della Guerra che può diventare più o meno potente in base all’Oro usato per giocarlo.

Potete ritrovare tutti i dettagli di questi Mini nel video e nel blogpost qui sotto.

Grande sobrietà e non una stilla di cringe.

Per ottenere questo nuovo esercito sarà attivo, già alla partenza della Stagione 7, il Festival Estivo Cenariano, un nuovo evento stagionale dalla durata di tre settimane.

  • La prima settimana del Festival sarà dedicata all’ottenimento dei nuovi Mini e Capi attraverso le missioni. Inoltre, sarà disponibile una nuova ricompensa, i Tomi Stella, che aggiungeranno stelle ai Mini.
  • La settimana due sostituirà le Burrasche con armate appaiate ai Cenariani.
  • La terza settimana avrà delle missioni a tema Cenariano.

Infine verrà aggiunta anche la nuova zona Radaluna, a lungo bramata. Questa nuova zona aggiungerà cinque nuovi scenari di difficoltà medio-alta e si sbloccherà all’ottenimento di 74 Sigilli.

Potete ritrovare questi e molti altri dettagli nel blog post qui sotto, buona lettura!

Invoke the balance, harmony, and utility of the Cenarion, Warcraft Rumble’s newest family. This season, we’re changing things up; the new Cenarion Minis will all be earnable during the Cenarion Summer Festival starting at the beginning of Season 7.

If you miss the Cenarion Summer Festival, don’t worry. Cenarius and Onu will be earnable through PvP, the Guild Warchest, and available in the G.R.I.D during the first Cenarion week on July 14, 2024. The new Cenarion Troops will be available in the G.R.I.D in Season 8.

New Cenarion Minis

  • Name: Cenarius
  • Role: Leader
  • Family: Cenarion
  • Deploy Cost: 5 Gold
  • Health: 600
  • Healing: 25 health every 1.5 seconds
  • Root Duration: 3 seconds
  • Traits: Brambles, Tranquility, Elemental, Resistant, Healer

Cenarius exemplifies the Cenarion playstyle, including sustain, control, duality, and defense. By using the AOE Heal for allies and AOE Root for enemies, Cenarius gives his allies time to attack or deal with incoming threats.

Leader Ability
  • Grove Keeper: Cenarion Minis gain 20% empty health.
  • Wrath: Single target ranged attack.
New Traits
  • Brambles: Enemies are Rooted for 3 seconds when first entering an AOE around Cenarius.
  • Tranquility: Nearby allies are healed over time.
Force of Nature

Summon a Treant* when a Rooted enemy dies.


Allies entering Tranquility trigger an additional heal pulse.

Wild Growth

On deploy, Root all enemies on the board for 5 seconds.

*Treants have 200 health and each Treant deals 50 physical damage every 2 seconds.

  • Name: Onu
  • Role: Leader
  • Family: Cenarion
  • Deploy Cost: 6 Gold
  • Health: 3000
  • Damage: 190
  • Traits: Safe Arbor, Tank, Vulnerable

Open up new strategies that weren’t possible by utilizing Onu’s Safe Arbor during a big push. His slower speed allows supporting Minis to push ahead and protect him, and if he does reach a tower, seize the moment to deploy your arsenal and claim victory.

Leader Ability
  • Safe Arbor: Allow friendly deploys and block enemy deploys near Onu.
    • Persistent deploy zones or an enemy Onu that overlaps with Onu’s Safe Arbor will override the blocking behavior and allow the enemy to deploy Minis.
  • Punch: Single target melee attack.

Safe Arbor also grants Armor for 8 seconds.


Safe Arbor persists for 8 seconds after death.

From the Trees!

Minis deployed within Safe Arbor deal double damage on first attack.

  • Name: Ancient of War
  • Role: Troop
  • Family: Cenarion
  • Deploy Cost: Consumes all current Gold
  • Health: 850 (1 Gold) – 3770 (10 Gold)
  • Damage: 60 (1 Gold) – 267 (10 Gold)
  • Traits: Surge, Tank, Armored

Ancient of War is a flexible tank that can be used in various ways, including a strong push, as a last layer of defense, or as a strong counter for Unbound Minis and Spells using his Lightning Rod talent.

  • Punch: Single target melee attack.
New Trait
  • Surge: Consumes remaining Gold when deployed.

If played for 4 Gold or less, gain 50% increased movement speed.


If played for 6 Gold or more, gain Siege damage.

Lightning Rod

If played for 4 Gold or more, redirect enemy Unbound deploys to current location.

  • Name: Moonkin
  • Role: Troop
  • Family: Cenarion
  • Deploy Cost: 4 Gold
  • Health: 450
  • Moonfire Damage: 140
  • Hurricane Damage: 75
  • Traits: AOE, Elemental

Moonkin is a versatile Cenarion Mini that can act as both a single target and an AOE ranged Mini. The alternate attacks will work similarly to Chimaera’s, though they will generally acquire the same target until it dies. Use Moonkin to turn the tides of a battle, adding damage behind a push or to counter a group of enemies.

  • Moonfire: Ranged single target attack.
  • Hurricane: Ranged AOE attack.

Taking damage increases casting speed by 50% for 5 secs.


After deploying, your next Spell gains 2 levels.


On deploy, knockback nearby enemies.

  • Name: Bog Beast
  • Role: Troop
  • Family: Cenarion
  • Deploy Cost: 3 Gold
  • Health: 1000
  • Damage: 165
  • Traits: Tank, Resistant

Bog Beast is a low-cost tank that echoes the Cenarion family’s overall design of flexible utility. His talents can unlock some exciting synergies, allowing him to adjust to different playstyles quickly.

  • Punch: Single target melee attack.

Heals received are 30% more effective.

Rampant Growth

On death, Root nearby enemies for 6 seconds.

Living Wood

Gain armor until 50% health.

Cenarion Summer Festival

Join in to celebrate the arrival of the Cenarion family to Warcraft Rumble. This event will run for 3 weeks, and each will have a new theme and different things to try with the new Cenarion Minis. Unlock legendary rewards including the new Star Tome, which will allow you to add a star point to a Mini.

Meet the new Cenarions! During the first week of the festival, quests will add two Cenarion Minis to your army.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Cenarius + MoonkinBog Beast + Ancient of WarEarth and Moon + MoonkinCenarius + Bog BeastOnu + Faerie DragonFaerie Dragon + Ancient of WarCenarius + Onu

During the Cenarion Surge week, all armies will be replaced with dual-family armies.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Cenarion + HordeCenarion + BlackrockCenarion + UndeadCenarion + BeastCenarion + AllianceCenarion + HordeCenarion + Blackrock
Cenarius + CairneCenarius + ThaurissanOnu + BaronOnu + Murk-EyeCenarius + TirionOnu + GromOnu + Drakkisath

Oops, week 3 will bring some fun new Cenarion themed quest modifiers. Trees so many trees everywhere!

Limited time special shop offers will be available during the event.

Ancient of WarOnuBog BeastCenariusMoonkin
July 10 – July 16July 10 – July 23July 17 – July 23July 17 – July 30July 24 – July 30


Moonglade has been added! Think you’ve got what it takes to go head-to-head with some of the most fearsome, cute and challenging bosses yet? I can’t believe I have to say this but please do not pet any animals or creatures during your stay.

Moonglade will unlock at 74 Sigils, Ysera will unlock at 76 Sigils and Heroic Moonglade will unlock once Normal has been completed.

Brightwing, the multicolored trickster of the forest, her power resting in the magical stones that surround the grove.
Cenarius, the leader of the Cenarion family and healer uses the forces of tranquility to aid his fellow Minis in the fight against corruption!
Sleeping in the Emerald Nightmare, Ysera sends almost endless waves of enemies at whomever would dare disturb her slumber!


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