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Finalmente dopo mesi di richieste, post sui forum, account twitter ironici e discussioni, a sorpresa nella notte gli sviluppatori hanno annunciato la novità che molti giocatori aspettavano. Tramite Twitter e con post sul forum ufficiale è stato annunciato che, a partire da mercoledì 18 marzo, le Essenze del Cuore di Azeroth saranno legate all’account.

Se avete ottenuto il Rank 3 per un’Essenza, questa sarà ottenibile da qualunque vostro altro personaggio semplicemente comprandole da M.A.D.R.E.. Svolgendo qualunque attività di Visioni di N’zoth si otterrà una nuova valuta, Eco’s of Ny’alotha, la quale potrrà essere usata per comprare le Essenze sui vostri alt. Questo cambiamento renderà molto più facile poter giocare differenti personaggi.

Building on a great deal of feedback and discussion, we’re working on an update to the game. With the next regularly-scheduled weekly maintenance in each region, players who have earned a given Rank 3 Essence on one character will be able to directly obtain that Essence from MOTHER on any subsequent characters.

When playing an alt character that is missing Essences that have already been earned on a different character, most ordinary Visions of N’Zoth activities, such as Horrific Visions, Assaults, raid bosses, Mythic Keystone Dungeons, or BFA Season 4 PvP, will award a new soulbound currency – Echoes of Ny’alotha. These Echoes can be brought to MOTHER in the Heart Chamber, and exchanged directly for eligible Rank 3 Essences. While ordinarily each specific Essence must be learned in order to unlock it for other characters via MOTHER, all Essences associated with Nazjatar and Mechagon reputations will be available if any other different character has earned any of the Essences available from that reputation.

Our goal with this update is to preserve the efforts that players put into unlocking a given Essence through its associated activity the first time, while offering subsequent characters far more flexibility in pursuing that goal. We’ll have additional details in a forthcoming hotfixes update 377 that goes out around the same time as maintenance, but we wanted to let the community know ASAP that this change is in the works.

As always, thank you for all your feedback on this topic!

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