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BfA: M.A.D.R.E. vende già le Corruzioni

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Al contrario di quanto comunicato ieri , M.A.D.R.E. ha già cominciato a vendere gli oggetti contaminante preservato, che permettono di imprimere una corruzione a un oggetto non corrotto. Questi oggetti sono comprabili con la valuta Echi di Ny’alotha e cambiano ad ogni reset dell’invasione minore, che avviene il sabato sera e il mercoledì mattina. Di conseguenza, gli attuali oggetti in vendita verranno sostituiti il 23 maggio.

Il Community Manager Kaivax ha specificato che gli oggetti ripuliti dalla corruzione possono essere nuovamente corrotti, ma non quelli ripuliti prima del 20 maggio, e sempre Kaivax ha annunciato che la corruzione Ferita Zampillante riceverà un nerf del 35% del suo effetto.

Kaivax ha anche comunicato che il buff alle reputazioni è stato esteso fino al 21 maggio.

Gli oggetti contaminante preservato comprabili dalla M.A.D.R.E.
Vessel of Horrific Visions1750
Rank 3 Essence2500
Ineffeable Truth I3300
Honed Mind I4125
Strikethrough II4125
Masterful II4125
Expedient III5000
Twisted Appendage III13200
Tabella costo di Echi di Ny’alotha degli oggetti comprabili da M.A.D.R.E.

We’ve made some progress on this subject today.

As of this morning, if you get a new Corrupted item and cleanse it, you can re-corrupt it using a Preserved Contaminant from the new system 153.

Unfortunately, items cleansed prior to maintenance this week remain unwilling to be re-Corrupted.

We’re also working on a hotfix that will add clarity to this, by highlighting Corruptable items in your bags when you activate a Preserved Contaminant. This should be very similar to how scrappable items light up when you use the scrapper.

We’ll let you know when that comes through in our Hotfixes Update post 

We’re working on a hotfix that will reduce the damage done by the Gushing Wound Corruption Effect by 35%. We expect to make this change with maintenance in each region next week, starting on May 26.

While we tend to only make changes like this in regular balance patch intervals, Gushing Wound is currently the most efficient of all Corruption Effects. When making changes to Corruption Effects, we previously decided to leave it as-is, because there is only one rank available and Gushing Wound is a rare and relatively difficult Corruption to acquire. However, with this week’s updates that make Corruption Effects available from MOTHER, we expect that stacking large amounts of Gushing Wound will be even more efficient than Infinite Stars, which has explicit downsides when multiple targets are present.

We’ll have the change outlined in our Hotfixes Update soon after it goes live next week.

While we work through the final steps of bringing Corruption Effects to MOTHER’s vendor list, we decided to leave the Impressive Influence reputation buff active in all regions.

The buff will now expire on May 21 – Thursday morning PDT.


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