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Hotfix: aumentato il drop-rate nelle Scorrerie sulle Isole


Il 14 settembre sono stati applicati i seguenti hotfix:

September 14, 2018

Island Expeditions

  • Substantially increased the drop rates for the various bonus rewards, such as transmog items, pets, quest starters, and mounts.

Player versus Player

  • Starting next week, earning 500 Conquest in a week, regardless of the status of your weekly Rated PvP quest, will also make you eligible for a weekly PvP reward chest. It is strongly recommended that you complete a Rated PvP quest this week to ensure your eligibility for the next chest.
  • Weekly Conquest rewards now display the correct item level inside PvP instances.
  • All ranks of Battleborn Sigil and Warlord’s Trophy should now function as intended and are usable on any Dread Gladiator’s item of lower item level.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible to receive a lower item-level item than intended from PvP bonus rolls.
  • Shaman
    • Fixed a bug which caused the Shamanism versions of Bloodlust and Heroism to be unable to cast while you are the opposite faction in Rated Battlegrounds.


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