Hotfix per TBC Classic: fix alla missione Deathblow to the Legion

Scritto da Davide "Grallen" Fontemaggi - 17 Giugno 2021 alle 10:30

Blizzard ha rilasciato nuovi hotfix per TBC Classic che vedono risolto il problema che non faceva progredire gli eventi della missione “Deathblow to the Legion“/Un colpo mortale per la Legione.

JUNE 15, 2021

Burning Crusade Classic

  • Short term buffs are no longer removed upon the Arena gates opening, true to 2.4.3 reference.
  • Fixed an issue where the events from “Deathblow to the Legion” Netherstorm quest could fail to progress.
  • Paladins who are defeated in Netherstorm or Tempest Keep dungeons and resurrect automatically at the Spirit Healer will once again generate threat with their periodic abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where weapon master’s would also teach the Crossbows skill when learning the Bows skill.
  • Fixed an issue where Priest’s Shadowfiend would attack enemies that are crowd-controlled.
  • Fixed an issue where some dungeons and raids were not applying PvP rules on PvP servers, causing PvP flags to incorrectly expire.
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