Hotfix per WoW: aggiustamenti per retail e WoW Classic

Scritto da Davide "Grallen" Fontemaggi - 21 Novembre 2020 alle 14:30

Blizzard ha rilasciato diversi interventi e aggiustamenti in arrivo sia per la versione retail che per WoW Classic.

Nel retail sono stati rilasciati degli hotfix che correggono diversi bug alle abilità delle classi Cacciatore, Monaco e Ladro, diversi altri aggiustamenti per alcuni boss delle spedizioni e un fix a un bug che permetteva di ottenere la cavalcatura PvP della stagione 1 di Shadowlands.

In WoW Classic il Quality Assurance Lead Aggrend è intervenuto annunciando che presto sul PTR della patch 1.13.6 arriveranno aggiustamenti per il boss Patchwerk/Pezzacarne, l’incantamento Might of the Scourge presto darà attack power e attualmente il monile Jom Gabbar non funziona nelle forme del Druido ed è stato promesso di risolvere il problema all’uscita in live della patch.

Vi lasciamo con i vai bluepost degli interventi.



November 20, 2020Classes

Creatures and NPCs

Dungeons and Raids

Items and  Rewards

  • After Shadowlands launches, there will not be a new set of  Battle for Azeroth weekly chests that correspond with the current week of activities (November 17-23). Loot your final  Battle for Azeroth weekly chests now!
  • Resolved an issue that caused some helms to hide  Draenei female horns.

Player versus Player

  • Corrected an issue that caused Arena and Rated Battleground matches played during the  Battle for Azeroth post-season to count towards some Shadowlands Seasonal achievements.


  • Killing the Frightened Provincial Minuteman during “Ace in the Hole” will once again summon a val’kyr to raise them as  Forsaken.

Thanks for all of the helpful information in this thread! We did identify an issue that caused Patchwerk to cast his Hateful Strike ability slightly less often than was correct and that should be resolved with Naxxramas launch in patch 1.13.6.

We also investigated reports of Patchwerk casting double Hateful Strikes on the same target in the same second and we put in a fix that should make this ability behave in a way that is more consistent with the original fight.

Lastly, we re-added the Slime Bolt ability to Patchwerk that was originally added in patch 1.12.1 to prevent a few exploits that were used to trivialize Patchwerk in 2006.

Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the report! We’ve fixed this for 1.13.6 and Might of the Scourge should work with Ranged Attack Power as expected when Naxxramas is released early next month.

The  Jom Gabbar trinket is not able to be used while in shapeshifter for like dire bear or cat forms. Other on use items are able to be used while in for such as Earthstrike and Manual Crowd Pummeler. There is no reason that this equipable item should be the only item that is unusable in shapeshifter form.Thanks for pointing this out! We’ve got a fix on deck for this that should go out with patch 1.13.6 early next month.

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