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Hotfix per WoW: buff per il tratto di azerite Cuore Arcano

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Nuovi hotfix in arrivo che vedono dare un potenziamento al tratto di azerite Cuore Arcano e aumentare la vita dei comandanti naga durante l’evento PvA di Nazjatar.

July 29, 2019


  • Fixed a bug where a character would lose its Trashmaster title after changing factions.

Island Expeditions

  • Resolved an issue that could prevent players from mounting in Skittering Hollow.


  • Fixed a bug preventing the Reins of the Azure and Blue Drake from dropping on the 25 Player Legacy Raid Size version of Eye of Eternity.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Increased the secondary stat amount granted from Arcane Heart (Azerite Trait) by 15%.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the healing from Arcane Heart (Azerite Trait) to be lost as overhealing for players at or near full health.


  • Azsh’ari Oracles now drop Tomes of Binding for “Forbidden Rituals”.
  • Collecting Flopping Fish now gives credit toward “Give Me the Biggest Bag You’ve Got”.


  • Nazjatar
    • Significantly increased the health of Battlemaidens and Champions in the “Azshara’s Elite Commanders” event.

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