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Hotfix per WoW: cambiamenti a Nazjatar e Meccagon

cambiamenti battaglia nazjatar

Nuovi hotfix e cambiamenti in arrivo per quanto riguarda le zone di Nazjatar e Meccagon. A Nazjatar ora le missioni sono più facili da completare e l’evento Battaglia per Nazjatar si attiverà quando è presente una giusta proporzione di personaggi dell’Orda e dell’Alleanza con modalità Guerra attivata o, in alternativa, si attiva un evento chiamato Comandanti d’Élite di Azshara che è disponibile anche per chi non ha la modalità guerra attiva.

Abbiamo ascoltato i feedback (e provato l’esperienza in prima persona): ci sono casi in cui il numero di rappresentanti delle fazioni non è bilanciato durante l’evento Battaglia per Nazjatar. Abbiamo addirittura visto dei casi in cui erano presenti solo i rappresentanti di una fazione.

Per ovviare a questo problema, abbiamo apportato un cambiamento tramite hotfix in modo che la Battaglia per Nazjatar si attivi solamente quando a Nazjatar è presente una giusta proporzione di personaggi dell’Orda e dell’Alleanza con modalità Guerra attivata. Quando questa condizione non si verifica, si attiva un evento alternativo chiamato Comandanti d’Élite di Azshara. Questo evento è disponibile anche per i personaggi con modalità Guerra disattivata e conferisce Encomi di Battaglia di Nazjatar per l’uccisione di Comandanti d’Élite.

Continueremo a monitorare e investigare sulla latenza del server durante l’evento e ci occuperemo dei feedback riguardo allo sbilanciamento di alcune zone. Come sempre, vi faremo sapere se apporteremo ulteriori cambiamenti.

Grazie per la vostra pazienza e i vostri continui feedback!


  • Revealing treasure chests while scrying in Nazjatar should now reliably grant credit for Nothing to Scry About.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Prince Erazmin’s best friend, Scrappy, is now better at traveling Rustbolt to encourage the resistance. He should no longer occasionally fall through the ground.
  • Unleashed Arcanofiend’s Proximal Chaos attacks are now a bit less chaotic.
  • In Nazjatar, there are now fewer slugs in rocks. Eww.


  • Epic gems with a secondary stat now provide 50 of the secondary stat (was 60).
    • Developers’ note: The power increase of Epic gems over Rare gems is too large, putting players in situations where the right choice is to use a much lower iLvl item with a socket over a Titanforged upgrade. We’re making this change before Season 3 begins to limit the number of affected players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some punchcards in the to be labeled “Titanforged” at a lower item level than intended. (No items were harmed in the making of this bugfix.)
  • Chain Ignitercoil is no longer sold by vendors in Mechagon.
  • Secret Fish can now be sold, and the sounds they make have been fixed. Don’t tell anyone.
  • Ionized Minnows can now be stored in the Reagent Bank, as well as Engineering and Fishing Bags.
  • The following now automatically use reagents stored in your reagent bank:
    • Crafting all Junkyard Tinkering blueprints.
    • Contributing to construction projects.
    • Using the Charging Station to charge Empty Energy Cells.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • The Seething Rage buff from Blood of the Enemy (Essence) will now properly modify the critical damage dealt by any summoned units, such as those summoned by a Shaman or a Monk’s Storm, Earth, and Fire.
    • Classes with pets that use energy will no longer cause their pets to gain an increased energy regeneration rate when using Memory of Lucid Dreams (Essence).

Missions and Followers

  • Fixed an issue where some players could receive the Zen’lan Lost Treasure Map mission a second time with no loot. The mission is now removed if it has already been completed.
  • Missions with the Deep Sea mechanic now have a base time of 24 hours and are properly countered by Naval Expert.

Player vs. Player

  • “Call to Arms: Nazjatar” can now properly be completed by slaying the opposing faction in Nazjatar.
  • Battle for Nazjatar
    • Additional improvements have been made to this event. It should now become active more often, while still ensuring that there are mix of Horde and Alliance players present.
    • Factions that control more capture points within the Battle for Nazjatar event will now yield more Victory Points. This works similarly to Arathi Basin or the Battle for Gilneas.


  • Reduced the amount of quest items needed to complete many Requisition quests and Bounty daily quests in Nazjatar.
  • “The Reclamation Rig” construction project will now more reliably give achievement credit to all players who contributed to its construction, even if further away when it is completed.
  • Players can now see Venture Co. Transport Balloons while “Taking The Air Out”.
  • “The Doppel Gang” should now reliably give credit to all players who participate.
  • Avarius should now spawn as expected once all the Brinestone shards have been placed.
  • The Zoatroid Harvesters required for “Dirty Dozen” now path better, and are more tap friendly, with appropriate health.


  • Fixed an issue preventing some players from submitting tickets in-game.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some tickets submitted in-game to incorrectly show as submitted via web.

World Quests

  • A recent change in diet has made the chitin on glimmershell crab shells more resistant to breaking during combat, resulting in Hefty Glimmershells of usable quality dropping more frequently when you’re in “A Steamy Situation”.
  • The spell intended to recover your corpse during “Infestation of Madness” no longer incorrectly sends your corpse to Nazjatar.


  • Players should no longer experience phasing issues around the Tidestone in Nazjatar.

Molti progetti di Meccagon ora usano i reagenti depositati in banca ed è stata aggiunta una nuova missione giornaliera Prototipi d’ispirazione in modalità guerra che se completata ricompensa con 200 di reputazione con Resistenza di Bullonaccio, una cassa di pezzi di ricambio per L’Orda mentre per l’Alleanza c’e’ un’aggiunta di 150 pezzi ricambio.

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