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Hotfix per WoW: corretto bug all’abilità Duello d’Ombra

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Continuano gli interventi in ambito PvP e ora, oltre quelli già annunciati, è stato corretto un bug al talento PvP Duello d’Ombra del ladro Scaltrezza e sarà inoltre più facile interagire con il portale creato dal monile Breccia del Gladiatore Corrotto.

Il Community Manager Kaivax ha annunciato anche un nerf all’essenza di Azerite Lotta e Conflitto in PvP.

June 8, 2020


  • Rogue
    • Subtlety
      • Resolved an issue that prevented Subtlety Rogues from being visible to their target during Shadowy Duel (PvP Talent).

Items and Rewards

  • The gateway summoned by Corrupted Gladiator’s Breach trinket is now slightly larger and easier to interact with when there are nearby units.

I’ve added an adjustment to the OP. We’re also now testing and planning this change:

Azerite Essences

  • Conflict and Strife now increases the defensive benefit of your Versatility by 50% while stunned (was 100%).

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