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Hotfix per WoW Classic: Ectoplasmic Distiller non genera più minaccia

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Blizzard ha rilasciato nuovi hotfix per WoW Classic che vedono risolto un bug dove l’oggetto Ectoplasmic Distiller/Distillatore Ectoplasmatico generava una enorme quantità di threat/minaccia che non doveva fare.

July 31, 2020

Items and Rewards

  • Corrupted Items
    • Reverted the recent change made on the interaction between Fist of Justice and Ineffable Truth for Holy and Protection Paladins.

WoW Classic

  • Attacking Anachronos now flags you for PvP.
  • The Ectoplasmic Distiller quest item no longer generates threat.
    • Developers’ note: Ordinarily we err on the side of authenticity when it comes to clever use of mechanics in Classic, even if we believe the original development team would have made a change given the same information we now have. The Ectoplasmic Distiller presents a rare exception mainly due to its severity: this new discovery of an unintended mechanic would completely trivialize most threat gameplay in raids for the remainder of Classic if left unchecked, including upcoming bosses in Ahn’Qiraj and Naxxramas.
  • The pages for the quest “Draconic for Dummies” are now Epic quality.
    • Developers’ note: We’re changing the item quality on “Draconic for Dummies” quest pages to Epic (purple) so that they’ll be easier to distribute to the correct person in raids using Group Loot or Master Looter.

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