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Hotfix per WoW: fix al phasing di gruppo


In queste ore Blizzard sta rilasciando una vera e propria ondata di hotfix che spaziano dalle correzioni di magie e abilità delle classi ad aggiustamenti per missioni, oggetti e npc.

Un fix in particolare è stato annunciato dal Community Manager Kaivax che elimina l’impostazione che limitava la capacità dei giocatori di vedere e interagire con gli altri nel loro gruppo nelle quattro zone delle Shadowlands e nella parte introduttiva iniziale della storia della Fauce. Tale impostazione per ora rimane solo nella zona Fauce del massimo livello.

Vi lasciamo con i bluepost con tutti i cambiamenti applicati.

With a hotfix to the game that was applied a little while ago, we’ve removed a setting that was restricting players’ ability to consistently see and interact with others in their group in the four Shadowlands zones and the introductory Maw.

Now, as before in Battle for Azeroth, joining a group should bring you to the party leader’s perspective. Players who are in and out of War Mode will remain separate, as always.

An exception that remains is the max-level version of the Maw. Players in the max-level Maw may not immediately be able to see one another when joining a party. However, leaving the max-level Maw (to Oribos) and returning should bring members of a party together.

November 23, 2020Classes

  • Druid
    • General
      • Fixed an issue where characters would occasionally be shifted out of  Travel Form when logging in after being disconnected or force quitting the game.
    • Balance
      • Fixed an issue where  Adaptive Swarm (Necrolord Ability) would not increase the damage of damage over time effects.
    • Feral
      • Each Ferocious Bite from Convoke the Spirits (Night Fae Ability), with  Sabertooth (Talent) selected, should now extend  Rip by 5 seconds.
  •  Priest
  •  Mage

Creatures and NPCs

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Mothbane the Mighty to despawn immediately when engaged in combat.

Dungeons and Raids

Items and  Rewards


World Events

November 24, 2020Classes

Creatures and NPCs

  • Zo’sorg and Purveyor Zo’kuul went on a brief hiatus while an issue was being resolved. The PvP vendors should now be back in Oribos at the usual location.
  • Players above level 50 now properly retain their full combat bonus when fighting enemies from the Legion expansion.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Aspirant Defenders at Aspirant’s Rest in Bastion would not help nearby players. They have since come to an agreement that you need no further training and are once again ready to assist.
  • Indomitable Schmitd should now react to the  Fuseless Special bomb more reliably.
  • Foreman Thorodir is now immune to damage and will accept your quest turn in without interruption from nearby gorm.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Spires of Ascension
    • The kyrian in Path of Ascension will stay lower to the ground when using their diving attacks.

Items and  Rewards



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