In arrivo nuovi hotfix con l’inizio della stagione 3, che prevedono dei nerf per alcuni effetti dei monili in PvP e un fix per i poteri delle essenze che toglievano dalla furtività i giocatori. Corretto un bug in cui i giocatori potevano lanciare altre magie mentre incanalavano l’abilità Detonazione Ciclonica con il monile Dispositivo di Calcolo Tascabile.

July 9, 2019


  • “Fighting on Two Fronts” no longer requires looting the Mechagon Fight Club chest.
    • Developers’ note: Especially as a requirement for Rank 2 of an Essence, this step was out of line in difficulty with the other parts of the achievement.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Foul Manifestation now reliably spawns in Mechagon.
  • Ignite Mana cast by the Baron Geddon Data Anomaly in Mechagon now lasts for 30 seconds (was 5 minutes).

Dungeons and Raids

  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • Queen Azshara
      • Corrected an issue that could prevent Queen Azshara from properly transitioning to the final phase of the encounter.


  • Pocket-Sized Computation Device
    • Fixed a bug where players could cast other spells while channeling the active ability on the Cyclotronic Blast Red Punchcard.
    • The power contribution of Red and Yellow Punchcards are now more comparable to one another.
      • Developers’ note: Yellow Punchcards were too strong, and Red Punchcards were too weak. The overall effectiveness of a trinket with Red and Yellow Punchcards should be similar or better than previously.
  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Memory of Lucid Dreams (Essence) no longer removes stealth when activated while Stealth or Prowl are active.
    • Purification Protocol (Essence) can no longer kill a quest objective enemy with its Rank 2 Purifying Blast.
    • Essence effects no longer unintentionally break players out of stealth.
      • Worldvein Resonance’s Lifeblood Shards no longer break stealth.
      • Vitality Conduit no longer breaks stealth when health is transferred to or from a stealthed unit.
      • Vitality Conduit no longer cleanses crowd-control that breaks on damage such as Blind and Polymorph.
      • Gaining Focused Energy from Essence of the Focusing Iris’ Minor Power no longer breaks stealth.
      • The Azerite Spike generated from Condensed Life-Force’s Minor Power no longer breaks stealth when striking an enemy unit.
      • Purification Protocol no longer breaks stealth when it heals the caster.
      • Ripple in Space’s Minor Power no longer breaks stealth.
      • Gaining Reckless Force from The Unbound Force’s Minor Power no longer breaks stealth.
      • Gaining Vision of Perfection or being healed by the Vision of Perfection’s Minor Power no longer breaks stealth.
    • Using Potion of Focused Resolve should no longer break stealth.
    • The Personal Time Displacer now teleports players to the future as intended.

Player versus Player

  • Items
    • The following items have had their effects reduced in PvP combat:
      • Edict of the Faithless’ absorption effects reduced by 60%.
      • The maximum damage that can be transferred from Chain of Suffering reduced by 75%.
      • Bloodthirsty Urchin’s healing output has been reduced by 50%.
      • Ashvane’s Razor Coral’s effect only stacks to 20.
      • Dribbling Inkpod no longer stacks above 20 on player-controlled targets and deals 33% damage per stack.
      • Diamond Refracting Prism’s effectiveness reduced by 50% (was 30%) for tank specializations, and 70% (was 60%) for non-tank specialization characters.
      • Mirror of Entwined Fate’s effectiveness reduced by 30% for healer specializations, and 65% (was 50%) for non-healer specialization characters.
      • Ward of Envelopment’s effectiveness in PvP is reduced by 30% for healer specializations, and 65% (was 50%) for non-healer specialization characters.
    • Heart of Azeroth
      • Undulating Tides’ absorption effect reduced by 75%.
  • Warsong Gulch
    • Individual player Flag Capture and Flag Returns are now properly displayed on the scoreboard.


  • The “Battle for Nazjatar” now properly resets each week.
  • For the Brawler’s Guild quest “Flaunt It If You Got It”, the Amberseed bun should now hit your target regardless of their War Mode status.
  • Wardruid Loti no longer yells at players not participating in “Underfoot”.

World Quests

  • Players can again complete “Word on the Streets”.
  • “Spider Scorching” now appears on the World Map when it’s active.

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