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Hotfix per WoW: in arrivo nerf per le missioni mondiali

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Nuovi hotfix in arrivo che portano semplificazioni e nerf per molte missioni mondiali e un cambiamento al boss Behemoth Acquanera che ora emergerà dalla grotte solo dopo che sono state uccise le creature che lo precedono.

uly 10, 2019

Battle Pets

  • Budding Algan and Brinestone Algan are no longer unique pets, and can now be collected in multiples or caged like other pets.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Seaspray Champions no longer chase players beyond their home turf.
  • Vyz’olgo the Mind-Taker’s Mind Drain now clears if the target enters an instance.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • Blackwater Behemoth
      • Blackwater Behemoth no longer emerges from his cave until creatures leading up to him have been killed.
    • Operation: Mechagon
      • Fixed a bug during the HK-9 Aerial Oppression Unit encounter that caused only two Walkie Shockie X2s to spawn after an intermission instead of three.


  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Vision of Perfection (Essence) now correctly reduces the cooldown of Discipline Priests’ Mindbender.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed weapons imbued with Enchant – Weapon: Naga Hide to proc from damaging abilities.
  • Tidalcores again drop from Mythic dungeons.
  • Ripple in Space (Essence) now displays its teleport visual marker to all players.
  • Sticky Seaweed is now more abundant in Nazjatar.
  • Fixed a bug where Abyssal, Charged, and A5C-3N-D3D Goggles crafted by Engineers had incorrect requirements to unlock some of their Azerite traits.
  • Tortollan Tank Dweller, Thin Air Flounder, and Well Lurker should be easier to collect now.

Player versus Player

  • Warsong Gulch
    • Individual player Flag Capture and Flag Returns are now properly displayed on the scoreboard.


  • Amethyst Spireshells and Mirecrawlers should be easier to knock off ceilings in Nazjatar.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to see a generic island instead of the dock area in “Worldvein Rumors”.
  • Hand of Neptulon no longer kills players during “The Lords of Water”.
  • The Soulbound quest items acquired during “Factory Refurbished” (Tempered Plating, Machined Gear Assembly, and Hardened Spring) have been removed. The non-Soulbound versions of these items now satisfy the quests involving these items.
  • Players should now transition seamlessly out of the cutscene that plays when throwing the Javelin of Suramar during “The Tide Turns” or “Changing Tides.”
  • Abducted Vaultbots now reward their rescuers with Junkyard Tinkering consumables once a day during “Abduction Reduction”.

World Quests

  • The number of Shirakess Grimoires required for the world quest “Overdue” has been reduced.
  • Hefty Glimmershells obtained during “A Steamy Situation” no longer disappear prematurely if the player leaves the quest area.
    • Hefty Glimmershells now disappear after 24 hours.
  • Abyssal Commander Sivara has unleashed a new wave of snapdragons into the streets of Nar’anan, resulting in more targets during “Time to Krill”.
  • Chitterspine Crabs should no longer hide just outside of line of sight range during “Hungry Hungry Hydras”.

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