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Hotfix per WoW: nerf a Dama Bracescura a difficoltà mitica

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Blizzard ha rilasciato dei nuovi hotfix che includono un nerf del 5% alla vita totale di Dama Bracescura a difficoltà mitica dell’incursione Palazzo Eterno.

September 10, 2019


  • [Live with restarts in each region] Hall of Fame: Queen Azshara (Horde) is no longer available to Horde player-characters in North America as their Hall of Fame for defeating Queen Azshara is now full.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Azshara’s Eternal Palace
    • Lady Ashvane
      • Reduced Lady Ashvane’s health by 5% in Mythic difficulty.
    • The Queen’s Court
      • Fixed a bug where Suffering would apply even when the damage to the player was fully absorbed.
  • Mythic Keystone Dungeons
    • Queen’s Decree no longer applies to targets that are high above or below the Emissary in Dungeons such as Tol Dagor.

Followers and NPCs

  • Unshackled Mercenaries and Ankoan Tidehunters should now benefit from working with champions and equipment that benefit melee troops.


  • Heart of Azeroth
    • Resolved an issue that caused Well of Existence (Essence) to be affected by healing reduction effects more than intended.
    • Zoatroid Egg Sac will now proc from periodic single target heals in addition to the initial cast.
    • The absorb on Zoatroid Egg Sac has been increased by 25%.

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