In un recente tweet il Community Manager Kaivax ha comunicato che è stato applicato un fix ad un bug che applicava troppa esperienza ai gruppi di 6 giocatori o più. Tale bug era proprio di WoW Classic e non proveniente da Vanilla ed è per questo che è stato corretto.

Thanks to player reports and feedback, we’ve identified a bug affecting how XP was calculated for parties of 6 or more players.

We are rolling out a hotfix right now, to all realms, that should correct this. Going forward, XP awarded should be significantly lower for parties of 6 or more players.

Again, thank you very much for your feedback.


Just want to note that this fix is not a tuning adjustment or balance change.

In original WoW, there was an XP penalty while in a group of 6 or more players. A contemporary bug had scrambled the penalty, and that bug is now fixed.

Again, we really appreciate the player reports that brought it to our attention.

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