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Hotfix WoW Classic: incantamenti non contano più come aure benefiche

hotfix wow classic incantamenti

Il Cummnity Manager Kaivax ha annunciato nuovi hotfix per WoW Classic dove ora gli incantamenti non contano più come aure benefiche, ma come aure passive.

With scheduled maintenance earlier today, we applied the following hotfix:

WoW Classic

  • Enchantments on gear should no longer count as helpful auras. They now count as passive auras.

There are still some enchantments occupying helpful slots – notably, the Arcanum enchants that will come from Dire Maul and other enchantments that are applied via item rather than via the enchanting profession. This was the case in our 1.12 reference.

Thank you very much!

Davide "Grallen" Fontemaggi

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