Ieri sera è arrivata una nuova build sul PTR di World of Warcraft della patch 8.1 che porta le prime modifiche a due specializzazioni molto attese: Sciamano Rigenerazione e Cacciatore Precisione di Tiro.

Per lo Sciamano si tratta di precisazioni riguardo al funzionamento di due abilità, il cui tooltip non era abbastanza chiaro.
Parliamo nello specifico di Catena di Guarigione e del talento Alta Marea, la prima resta invariata come meccanica ma riceve un potenziamento alle cure fornite. Il secondo invece viene ridisegnato completamente pur rimanendo un’abilità passiva

Per il Cacciatore vengono modificate alcune abilità per rendere più chiara la peculiarità della specializzazione, ovvero il doverla giocare al massimo della distanza consentita dal bersaglio.
In questa direzione va anche il cambiamento apportato a Tiro Rapido, il quale, al contrario di tutte le altre abilità canalizzate, non richiederà più di stare in linea con il bersaglio.

Just to avoid any confusion that may be occurring due to tooltips on PTR:

  • Chain Heal’s base functionality is unchanged, other than receiving a large healing increase (roughly speaking, baking in most of the value of the previous High Tide).
  • High Tide is redesigned, but is still a passive–the mana cost in the tooltip header is an error.

Brief context: as a passive buff to every Chain Heal, High Tide was putting it in an awkward position where the base skill wasn’t very prominent in the toolkit if you used other talents. The goal here is to both put Chain Heal back on the map while using Ascendance or Wellspring in any type of content, and also provide a talent option which allows for strong moments centered around very large Chain Heals.

Usual PTR disclaimers: still under iteration, open to feedback, not necessarily tuned.

The Public Test Realms (PTR) are seeing several changes for Marksmanship Hunters. Here’s some context on those changes.

One goal of ours for Marksmanship is proficiency in keeping targets at range in PvE and PvP situations. Marksmanship plays best when you have distance from your target, so we’re emphasizing some of the tools that help you either move a target away from you, or keep your distance.

  • Bursting Shot has had its knockback range increased, can no longer be dodged, and snares targets for 6 seconds now.
  • Steady Shot will now increase the duration of Concussive Shot on the target by 3 seconds. This will work on a Concussive Shot from any friendly Hunter, not just your own Concussive Shot.

Rapid Fire has had some usability problems in PvP. Most other channeled spells will continue to deal damage when your target runs behind a pillar and breaks line of sight, but Rapid Fire requires constant line of sight. We’re changing that, and now it will behave like almost every other channeled spell that players cast, and will continue to damage a target, even if the target is no longer in line of sight. We also think it’s cool to be able to use Disengage while channeling Rapid Fire, so now you can.

Aimed Shot is a driving force behind a significant amount of the damage a Marksmanship Hunter deals. There are a lot of different stacking bonuses you can get from various Talents and Azerite Armor that can swing the damage of Aimed Shot by a huge amount. Some of these bonuses are entirely uncontrolled, which made Aimed Shot an unreliable source of damage. We want Aimed Shot to feel like an impactful and more reliable source of damage, so:

  • Careful Aim is now a guaranteed bonus to Aimed Shot damage against targets above 80% health or below 20% health.

Trueshot has changed a lot over the years, but it’s currently not a very exciting button, and it could feel much more impactful when you use it. We like that it makes your Aimed Shot cast time reduced, so we’re keeping that, and it now additionally causes your Rapid Fire and Aimed Shot abilities to recharge significantly faster while Trueshot is active. The new version of Trueshot is a significant pacing change for its duration, allowing you to cast multiple Aimed Shots and Rapid Fires during its duration. We’re also lowering its cooldown from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

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