Patch 9.2: la cintura leggendaria si otterrà al capitolo 7 della storia

Scritto da Davide "Grallen" Fontemaggi - 24 Gennaio 2022 alle 15:00

Il PTR della patch 9.2: Fine dell’Eternità continua e il WoW Developer Skald è intervenuto sul forum ufficiale annunciando un cambiamento importante che riguarda l’acquisizione della cintura leggendaria.

La cintura leggendaria, contrariamente da quanto visto qualche giorno fa, non sarà legata alla nuova reputazione degli Enlightened Brokers, ma si acquisirà non appena completeremo il capitolo 7 della storia della patch 9.2, mentre la nuova incisione runica Memory of Unity rimane vincolata al raggiungimento di riverito con la nuova reputazione per poterla acquisire.

Quando si sblocca esattamente il capitolo 7?

Il capitolo 7 sarà sbloccato alla quinta settimana dall’uscita della patch 9.2: Fine dell’Eternità, come potete vedere dal resoconto qui sotto:

  • 1 Settimana (sblocco del sistema Cypher of First Ones) : disponibili i capitoli 1,2 e 3
  • 2 Settimana (sblocco del raid fino alla modalità eroica dell’incursione) : Capitolo 4
  • 3 Settimana (sblocco del raid della prima ala LFR e della modalità mitica dell’incursione) : Capitolo 5
  • 4 Settimana Capitolo 6
  • 5 Settimana Capitolo 7

Come si evince nelle prime quattro settimane, non si potrà ottenere il beneficio del potere del secondo leggendario. Skald afferma che ciò è fatto per dare un senso di crescita iniziale ai nostri personaggi, che saranno in grado col tempo di superare sfide che inizialmente sembrano molto difficili.

Vi lasciamo con la nostra pagina spoiler, l’anteprima della patch 9.2 e con il bluepost originale per dare uno sguardo a tutti i dettagli. Voi cosa ne pensate di questo cambiamento?

Good point, yeah, sorry about that. Chapter 7 will be available on the third week after the Mythic raid opens. So there will be two full weeks of Mythic raiding during which nobody can have two legendaries, after which they should be available to everyone.

Hello all,

Thanks for everyone’s feedback on the Enlightened Legendary belts and memories, and on the issue of when you can obtain them and what activities they require. We have some changes coming to a future PTR build that I’d like to talk about a bit.

First, what are we doing? The Belt of Unity is moving from the Enlightened reputation and into the campaign quest for Zereth Mortis. You’ll be able to obtain it at the end of Chapter 7 of the Zereth Mortis campaign, which we hope will feel like a nice crowning accomplishment. The Memory of Unity is remaining on the Enlightened reputation vendor, and will remain an account-wide unlock like other Legendary Memories from Shadowlands, but will now additionally require that you’ve completed Chapter 7 in order to purchase it. This Memory means that when your second, third, or tenth character is ready to start Eternity’s End that they’ll be able to craft an Enlightened Legendary right away. The new questing requirement is being added to head off any feeling of needing to rush ahead to Revered for progression on your main character. We’re also still debating some other possible changes to the overall structure of Zereth Mortis rewards, but I don’t have concrete details to share on those yet.

Some folks have asked why there’s a delay in acquiring a second legendary at all. The answer there is that we have goals for your characters to grow over the course of the patch, allowing them to overcome challenges they couldn’t initially overcome. One specific example here is the difficulty of Sepulcher of the First Ones: by keeping the Enlightened Legendary a little bit in The Future from the raid’s launch, we can tune the raid at a difficulty that allows early progression to be bolstered by additional power once players start hitting stumbling blocks. If this power was instead available to your characters on the first day, tuning would have to take that into account for people who expect the first few weeks to be challenging, and that would in turn deprive many raids of what we think will be a fun and enjoyable boost in power after striving as far as they can without it.

It’s important to us that there’s a pretty level playing field with the Enlightened Legendary in terms of when different players obtain it. We want it to be an impactful moment of growth for your characters, getting to change the rules of how they play the game for the rest of Eternity’s End. Our initial plans of putting it on the Enlightened reputation had this intent, in that we were planning to distribute most of the reputation gains on campaign quests and on quests that players would do once or twice a week, but we hear you that this structure still felt unsatisfying for players whose free time lends itself more to periodic long sessions than for frequent shorter ones. We feel that moving the Enlightened Legendary into the quest campaign will be even more egalitarian while still providing a very satisfying growth moment.

As always, we’re still open to and listening to feedback here, so once the changes go up, please do continue to tell us how you feel about them.

Totally fair question. We looked at what slots players have crafted legendaries in, and tried to pick the slot we thought would disrupt as few people as possible. Also, given that tier sets are back in Eternity’s End, we want to avoid putting this new Unity legendary in any slot that conflicts with tier gear. As with many things in design, there’s not an objective right or wrong choice here, but that was the thinking behind picking the Waist slot.
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