Con l’ultimo aggiornamento dell’alfa di Shadowlands, oltre ad aver aggiunto Oribos, la città centrale delle Terretetre che ospiterà i giocatori, c’è stato un nuovo aggiornamento di Torgast. In questo nuovo aggiornamento è stato reso disponibile l’accesso alla Torre anche alla Classe dei Cavalieri della Morte.

Sono stati aggiunti due nuove tipologie di piani, inoltre Cacciatori di Demoni e Stregoni hanno ricevuto nuovi Poteri d’Animum. Lo sviluppo di Torgast sta proseguendo ed il team non smette mai di ricordare ai giocatori di fornire il proprio feedback in merito all’alfa attraverso gli appositi forum

Updated May 21

The following class now has Anima Powers and can venture into Torghast:

  • Death Knight

The following classes have received new Anima Powers:

  • Demon Hunter
  • Warlock

Two new cell blocks are now available in Torghast:

  • Mort’regar
  • The Upper Reaches

General Gameplay Changes

  • Death Pools now grow more slowly out of the corpses of the Deadsoul.
  • Skeletal Cauldrons can now be destroyed by interacting with them.
  • Skeletal Remains now move 50% slower.
    • Developers’ note: This should introduce a little more counterplay to these skeletons, especially for melee characters who have had trouble outrunning them.
  • Brokers on short floors should no longer be in trap distance.
  • Many traps and enemies have been removed from the beginning of floors, where they might reach players in the safe area.


  • Eye of Skoldus and Fracturing Forces will now wait longer after a player leaves combat before checking to call in ambushers.
    • Developers’ notes: Over the last week, we’ve read and heard a lot of feedback on this part of Torghast, most of which has been focused on the concept of timers. Please see our recent post on this subject which begins with, “We agree that one of the best things about Torghast is that you can play at your own pace, without feeling rushed. We certainly don’t want to make Torghast into a fast-paced, timed game mode.” We’re working on more changes to Torments and all of Torghast; please stay tuned!

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