Shadowlands: i livelli di Torgast sono ora condivisi per account

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Il Community Manager Kaivax ha annunciato che con gli hotfix implementati ora i livelli di Torgast completati con un personaggio risulteranno condivisi con tutti gli altri personaggi dell’account (a patto che soddisfino i soliti requisiti per Torghast).

Con gli ultimi hotfix sono stati potenziati tutti i campioni delle congreghe Kyrian e Venthyr che risultavano deboli rispetto alle controparti delle congreghe Necrosignori e Silfi della Notte.

With a hotfix that is now live, we’ve implemented a highest-layer-sharing system for players who wish to plunder Torghast on multiple characters.

Now, when you’ve completed a Torghast layer on any character on your account, your other characters will have access to it (as long as they meet the usual requirements for Torghast).

Players who have been running Torghast regularly should now find their highest layer available on their alts. This unlock sharing can’t look back very far though, so if you haven’t run Torghast in a while, you’ll need to complete a run on your main, and you’ll then see the higher layers available on your alts.

Please note: Twisting Corridors remains separately shared to alts, and completing Twisting Corridors only will not grant access to normal layers for other characters on the account.

Here you’ll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and WoW Classic. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.


January 29, 2021


  • Kyrian Covenant Companions
    • Apolon health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.
    • Bron attack increased by 50%.
    • Disciple Kosmas health increased by 20%.
    • Hala health increased by 17%, attack increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 30%.
    • Ispiron attack increased by 33%.
    • Kythekios attack increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 167%.
    • Molako health increased by 67%, and spell effectiveness increased by 33%.
    • Nemea attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
    • Pelagos health increased by 20%.
    • Pelodis attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
    • Telethakas health increased by 100%, and spell effectiveness increased by 167%.
    • Teliah spell effectiveness increased by 18%.
      • Developers’ note: The Kyrian Covenant Companions were a mix of durable combatants and fragile fighters who had big abilities, but deploying them effectively wasn’t as intuitive as expected. To compensate, we’ve boosted many abilities and decreased some Companions’ overall fragility.
  • Venthyr Covenant Companions
    • Ayeleth the Deprived health increased by 38%, and spell effectiveness increased by 43%.
    • Bogdan spell effectiveness increased by 150%.
    • Dug Gravewell health increased by 14%.
    • General Draven health increased by 25%.
    • Kaletar the Mender health increased by 20%, and spell effectiveness increased by 67%.
    • Lost Sybille health increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 40%.
    • Nadjia the Mistblade health increased by 30%.
    • Nerith Darkwing health increased by 38%.
    • Rahel health increased by 40%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.
    • Simone health increased by 38%.
    • Stonehead health increased by 25%, cooldown increased to 4 rounds (was 2), and spell effectiveness increased by 400%.
    • Stonehuck health increased by 25%.
    • Thela Soulsipper health increased by 38%.
    • Theotar health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 20%.
    • Vulca health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 25%.
      • Developers’ note: Many of the Venthyr Covenant Companions were not as well established in their different roles as we hoped. Some had a powerful attack, but were beaten before they could deploy it. They’ve each received an improvement that fits with their purpose.
  • Night Fae Covenant Companions
    • Ardenweald Trapper: Bramble Trap ability has been redesigned. This is now a 1-cooldown ability which deals damage and reduces the damage of the next enemy attack.
      • Developers’ note: This corrects a bug that caused its damage reduction to incorrectly apply permanently to enemy units.


  • Spires of Ascension
    • Kyrestia the Firstborne will now hover a little further back from the Devos encounter, eliminating most camera interference she once caused.

Player versus Player

  • Valiant Strikes (Soulbind) stacks will now be cleared at the start of battleground and arena matches.


  • Fixed an issue with the Western Plaguelands quest “Combat Training” where players could end up with a large number of Enthralled Val’kyr.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Completing a layer on any character now unlocks that layer for all characters on the same WoW account who meet the requirements to enter Torghast.
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