Shadowlands: in arrivo primi nerf in PvP

Scritto da Davide "Grallen" Fontemaggi - 23 Gennaio 2021 alle 10:30

Il Community Manager Kaivax ha annunciato una serie di nerf in PvP in arrivo dal prossimo reset dei server, da noi in Europa il mercoledì. I cambiamenti riguardano le classi Cacciatore, Cavaliere della Morte e Stregone che vedono una riduzione del 20% dei danni che i propri famigli subiscono dai giocatori, mentre le classi Druido, Mago e Paladino vedono le abilità Convocazione degli Spiriti, Protezione della Trinità e Favore Divino ridotte di efficacia, sempre in ambito PvP.

In più, Blizzard ha rilasciato nuovi hotfix che vedono corretti alcune abilità del Cacciatore, Mago e Sciamano e altri fix per Congreghe, missioni, Incursioni, Spedizioni e Torgast.


We’re working on a new set of PvP tuning changes that will be applied to the game with weekly maintenance in each region (January 26 in this region). Here’s what we’re currently testing:

Player vs. Player

  • Players now deal 20% less damage to Death KnightHunter, and Warlock pets.
  • In 2v2 Arenas, Dampening will begin at 20% when both teams have either a tank or healer.
  • Druid
  • Mage
    • Triune Ward (legendary) now provides 50% effective barriers (was 65%) in PvP situations.**
    • Fire
  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Divine Favor (Honor Talent) cooldown increased to 30 seconds (was 25 seconds), and now increases cast speed by 30% (was 60%).
    • Protection, Retribution
      • Word of Glory‘s healing has been reduced by 20% in PVP situations.

As always, we’ll post updates if we make changes to the changes, and the final adjustments will appear in our hotfixes update soon after they go live.


January 22, 2021




Creatures and NPCs

  • Fixed an issue where some Horde characters could not see the refugees from the Undercity in Orgrimmar and some Alliance characters could not see the refugees from Teldrassil in Stormwind.

Dungeons and Raids

Items and Rewards

  • Upgrading a PvP item by spending Honor will now remove the ability to refund that item.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bastion treasure at the Grace of the Remembered could experience issues for players who left quickly after interacting with the Drink Tray.
  • The mana return of the  Show of Faith and  Corrupted Egg Shell trinkets has been reduced to be in line with items of comparable item level.
  •  Ripe Purians can no longer be traded or sold on the Auction House.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Fixed an issue where some spells were not showing a portion of their visuals if Projected Textures was disabled in the System Settings menu.
  • Anima Powers
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