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TBC Classic: disponibili trasferimenti gratuiti su alcuni reami

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Il Community Manager Kaivax ha pubblicato un bluepost che descrive in dettaglio i trasferimenti di personaggi gratuiti da reami disponibili su TBC Classic sia per i regni nordamericani che per quelli europei, che termineranno martedì 15 giugno.

Non si possono trasferire personaggi che:

  • sono capi di una gilda;
  • hanno oggetti all’asta
  • hanno messaggi nella posta del gioco

Per i dettagli leggete il bluepost.

In this region, all Free Character Transfers will be closed at 20:00 CEST on Tuesday, June 15.

If you’ve been planning to make use of the Free Character Transfer service, please do so as soon as possible.

Thank you!

We’ve opened the Free Character Transfer service to players on some realms in this region. Free Character Transfers are now available:

FromToFaction Restriction
FaerlinaIncendiusAvailable to all characters
FaerlinaSkeramAvailable to all characters
MankrikWestfallHorde only
MankrikWindseekerHorde only
WhitemaneAnathemaHorde only
WhitemaneThunderfuryHorde only

Please note:

  • You cannot transfer a character who
    • is the leader of a guild.
    • has items up for auction.
    • has in-game mail messages.
  • You may have to change the character’s name after the transfer.
  • You cannot transfer a character to a PvP realm where you already have a character of the opposite faction.
  • The transfer of a character is a final decision once initiated, and cannot be undone. Blizzard Customer Service cannot adjust or reverse the character transfer process.

During times when servers are very busy, free character transfers can take up to several hours.

As always, we will monitor the number of characters moved and the populations on the realms above and close free transfers if necessary. We encourage players who wish to move to do so as soon as possible, as this service may be closed without notice.

We’ll update this thread with any planned changes or closures as soon as they are finalized.

Thank you!

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