TBC Classic: problemi noti della pre-patch

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Il WoW Classic Game Producer Aggrend ha pubblicato un elenco di problemi noti per Burning Crusade Classic, incluso un problema per cui Microsoft Security Essentials potrebbe rilevare WoWClassic.exe come trojan; inoltre, sono stati riscontrati altri due problemi non presenti nella lista ed uno è che le hitbox dei Tauren diminuiscono se colpiti dalla magia Polymorph/Metamorfosi e l’altro è che ci vogliono troppi colpi e danni per liberare qualcuno da effetti di blocco e rallentamento, come Frost Nova. Questi ultimi due problemi saranno risolti prima dell’avvio della prima stagione dell’arena.

Greetings and welcome to Burning Crusade Classic Patch 2.5.1

Below is a list of known issues for Burning Crusade Classic patch 2.5.1. Please note that this list is not comprehensive and is not a complete depiction of what we’re aware of, but a sampling of issues we believe players may encounter with some regularity. We hope to have fixes to these issues in place soon, but we cannot promise when or if any individual bug will be fixed.

Also please note that this list pertains to issues that are present and visible during the Burning Crusade pre-patch period for patch 2.5.1. We will update this thread again with new issues as needed after Burning Crusade Classic has fully launched.


  • Microsoft Security Essentials may detect WoWClassic.exe as a trojan.

Graphics and Visual Effects:

  • SSAO (Ambient Occlusion) is not currently changing the appearance of shadows in the game.
  • There are flickering textures present in some areas of the Horde base in Warsong Gulch
  • Some Reflective surfaces may appear too bright and shiny.
  • Arathi Basin flags that are under attack or have been captured are too bright.

Combat, Spells, and Abilities:

  • Casting the Mage spell Blink while facing a nearby wall may occasionally cause the spell to Fizzle and result in your character remaining in place.
  • Energy Regen ticks can sometimes provide slightly more or slightly less than 20 energy.
  • Damage taken while drowning is currently slightly different from the original Burning Crusade.
  • Stealth animations for Druid and Rogue differ slightly on some races compared to the original Burning Crusade.
  • Warriors that are slowed while changing stances may occasionally play a very slow “running” animation rather than the appropriate walking animation.
  • Including /stopcasting in a spell macro can cause animation hitching or delays in some situations.


  • The Aurora Cowl uncommon-quality item is missing its model.
  • Some weapon enchants may be too bright or intense when first applied.

User Interface:

  • The reset button for auction house filters is currently not present.
  • The GetManaRegen() command does not always display the correct values in the chat log.
  • Opening the Map inside dungeons in Azeroth areas displays the Azeroth world map instead of the zone map.
  • The Flight Masters between Silvermoon and Tranquillien have incorrect dialogue for Blood Elf characters.
  • Low-level quests are missing the dimmed font and “low level” text that is normally appended to the dialogue option when accepting the quest.
  • When the scoreboard is open in Battlegrounds the zone map cannot be opened.
  • Dispellable Magic debuffs are not highlighted as dispellable in the UI for Warlocks and Priests.
  • The “To” field auto-complete may attempt to auto-fill character names of characters on your account on other realms.
  • The recipe search bar is currently missing from the profession UI.
  • The “Have Materials” checkbox is currently missing from the professions UI.
  • There is no option under display options to Show Free Bag Space.


  • Attempting to cast Hurricane may sometimes cause the cast sound to persist and loop for several seconds.

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the commentary and replies about this. I wanted to take a quick second to point you all to the Not A Bug 29 list and a comment I posted there on this issue:

  • Large and small character models have slight differences in their combat reach, accurate to the original experience and distances.
    • Developers’ notes: It has been widely reported during the Burning Crusade Classic beta that Tauren have lost their “combat reach” in Arena specifically. This is not the case. While moving, Tauren may hit other Tauren through the widest point in the pillar in the Ring of Trials arena in Nagrand. This behavior is identical to the original functionality in The Burning Crusade.

While this is accurate, there is currently an issue that we are aware of that causes hitboxes, particularly Tauren hitboxes, to change size after being affected by polymorph effects until the affected character logs out of the game. We are going to work on a fix for this ahead of the launch of Burning Crusade Classic and the start of the first Arena season, but that would definitely explain some of what has been noted here.

Thanks for the commentary here and everyone’s reports so far in the Burning Crusade Classic beta!

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about how much damage is necessary to break an enemy trapped in a root-effect, such as Frost Nova. Beta testers reported that it took too much damage to break root effects, and it turns out, they were correct. It took quite a bit of sleuthing to find the issue, but we ultimately found a bug that explains the odd behavior we saw in the Beta, and we should be able to fix it well before the first Arena season.

The Story

To start, one of the reasons this was such a challenge to find is that the behavior is intentionally random. There’s no fixed amount of damage that’s necessary to break roots; there’s a range of damage that might be necessary, which makes it a risk/reward calculation for the players. Reproducing the issue isn’t guaranteed, and testing it can look like normal luck streaks.

When this was first reported, we looked at the scripts on the spell, and verified that they matched the original data, which led us to initially conclude that this was just random luck streaks. However, we’ve seen previous examples of there being a deeper layer to issues like this one, so when the bug reports continued to come in, we knew it warranted further investigation.

What we’re looking at are scripts that are in data, so we can be confident that those match 100%. At the same time, we’re not using the exact same code as was used in 2007, so sometimes we see issues caused by steps we’ve taken to make the original data and the current code compatible with one another. Our next step was to examine the inputs to the spell script and verify that we really were sending all the same information for the script to evaluate. After completing an audit of that data, we once again concluded that this appeared to be just random chance. The data values that our code was sending the script matched, the things it did with the results from the script matched, and the script itself matched.

Everything we looked at appeared to be correct on all fronts, so after a second investigation we once again concluded that the random calculation was correctly matching our intent.

But it still felt wrong.

This is the point where uncovering a bug gets really challenging, and where sometimes we hope to get lucky. It turns out that after continuing to look at the bug and test it in the debugger, we saw an odd behavior: when the Waterbolt landed on a target that was in a Frost Nova, it was evaluated as though it was a melee attack, which is not correct. That turned out to be the clue that led us to the truth. There was no bug in the root-break calculation, the bug itself was a random.

The bug that would sometimes send the incorrect damage source to the formula. And since it wasn’t incorrect every time, we missed it on our code evaluation. It turns out that melee attacks are significantly less likely to break roots than ranged attacks are, and the bug was that ranged attacks could randomly be treated as melee attacks under certain hard-to-reproduce conditions.

The Conclusion

What made this such a challenge to find was that it was a randomly occurring bug in a system that behaves randomly when it’s working correctly, and two sources of randomness combined to confound us.

Thank you to everyone out there who helped us find this one!

A Hotfix is on the Way

One interesting aspect of this is: with this fix, the chance to break roots with damage will actually be slightly higher than it was in the first season of original Burning Crusade in 2007. This is because we’re using the 2.4.3 data, which raised the chances for damage to break roots slightly on targets above level 60.

But don’t throw away those mage alts! They still have Ice Block, too.

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