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TBC Classic: un bug sta affliggendo il paladino protection

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In TBC Classic, un bug non permette alla classe Paladino Protection/Protezione di generare minaccia con la magia Consecrate/Consacrazione e Kaivax è intervenuto sul forum ufficiale annunciando che ci stanno lavorando per risolvere il problema.

Several, but not all, Prot paladins are experiencing threat problems today that we have not had prior to today. We’re talking same groups and dungeons we’ve been running for days, and suddenly we have issues with them. This is not related to mechanics or strategy like our dungeon team being somehow suddenly better geared or us changing our routine on pulls and fights. Primarily seems to be noticeable on larger mob packs, and some people have tested and report that Consecrate is doing damage but generating Zero threat. Please look into this issue so that those of us impacted can get a remedy.

Can confirm. Experienced issue early in normal Shattered Halls. Had my priest healer constantly pulling aggro off me. A couple of hours later did the dungeon again 5x to finish my exalted grind and had zero issues. Weird random bug not sure what the cause is. Had no special consecration gear. (Righteous 2 piece / Libram)

We’ve been working on this issue since it was first reported Saturday night, and this morning we’ve now found a good way to reproduce it so that we can continue toward finding a fix (hopefully).

Thanks to everyone who reported it with details!

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