WoW Classic: sbloccato il livello 40 in beta

Scritto da Enrico "Xly" Favaro - 5 Giugno 2019 alle 10:15

Dopo la recente aggiunta di Warsong Gulg all’interno della beta di WoW Classic, Blizzard ha annunciato che i server di test andranno offline temporaneamente per poter aggiornare il gioco. Con questo nuovo aggiornamento della beta sarà possibile raggiungere il livello 40; sarà inoltre introdotto il Campo di Battaglia di Arathi Basin (Bacino d’Arathi NdR), il quale sarà testabile a partire da giovedì 6 giugno.

Later today, we will take the WoW Classic closed beta down for maintenance and we will increase the level cap from 30 to 40. This will allow testers to level up in zones such as Stranglethorn Vale, Desolace, and Arathi Highlands (among others). At the same time, Warsong Gulch will close.

To further assist testing efforts, we will reduce the cost to respec closed beta characters. The new cost will be charged in silver instead of gold, a 99% reduction in cost, and will only be applied to the beta test.

We’re also going to open Arathi Basin for limited testing in the closed beta. There will be no templates, so all characters will need to be level 20 or higher to participate. The test will begin on the afternoon of Thursday, June 6.

Please keep an eye on our known issues thread, as well as our growing list of reports we’ve confirmed are not bugs 465. Thank you for your continued efforts in testing WoW Classic!

P.S. Don’t forget to guard the farm.

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