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WoW Classic: la patch 1.13.7 è live

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Il Community Manager Kaivax ha annunciato che la patch 1.13.7 di WoW Classic è finalmente live con tutte le novità che potete trovare nelle patch note ufficiali, tra cui anche il nuovo Chronoboon Displacer ottenibile da Chromie.

Il WoW Classic Game Producer Aggrend ha annunciato un hotfix che permette di riottenere il buff Slip’kik’s Savvy/Furbizia di Slip’kik.

With today’s patch, in addition to gameplay updates and bugfixes 326, you’ll now see an informational window on the character selection screen.

The new window contains some general information on what’s coming, and it can be hidden and revealed by clicking the circular Burning Crusade Classic button on the same screen. This is not the point at which you’ll choose between the two games (Burning Crusade Classic and WoW Classic Era). That decision will become accessible in the pre-expansion patch.

We don’t yet have specific dates to announce for the pre-expansion patch and Burning Crusade Classic launch to share, but we’ll let you know what those are here on the official site.

Thank you!

A hotfix was deployed a short time ago that should resolve this issue. Please note that if you had a Dire Maul instance spun up when this hotfix was applied (around 3:15PM PDT) you will need to reset your instance to pick up this fix.

Thanks for the reports!

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