Il Quality Assurance Lead Aggrend è intervenuto sul forum ufficiale spiegando che l’abilità dell’arma Nightfall funziona correttamente, ed ha anche descritto il principio del suo funzionamento.

Il WoW Developer Pazorax è intervenuto annunciando un nuovo fix per gli incantamenti ottenibili a Zul’gurub, che saranno attivi al prossimo reset dei server


We’ve spent a significant amount of time digging into the claims in this thread and at this time we can conclude that Nightfall is in fact behaving as expected.

To respond to specific claims or theories in this thread, here’s a very quick outline of what we found:

  • Nightfall can and does proc from glancing blows.
  • Nightfall can and does proc from white hits or yellow hits.
  • Nightfall is refreshed if the same player procs it twice within the 5-sec duration, but it is removed & re-applied if it is procced by a second player during the first player’s Nightfall effect.
  • Nightfall can be applied from front & behind.
  • If there are two players with Nightfall, it has approximately double the uptime as when only one is present. (A little less than, simply due to it being more frequent for player B to overwrite player A when both are attacking, than player A overwriting themselves when they are attacking alone.)
  • The Nightfall proc effect is considered physical and cannot be resisted. No resists are even being attempted in the combat rolls.
  • Over dozens of 5-minute “target dummy” tests against level 63 Boss mobs, we found that the effect had a roughly 8-13% total proc rate, which is well within expectations for a 3.5 speed weapon with a PPM of 2 (~11.6% raw proc-per-hit).
  • Even in our higher percentage data sets (where we observed proc rates of 13% or more over 5 minutes) we at times went as much as a full minute between procs.

It’s important to understand there is no “bad luck protection” or other normalization for procs in Original WoW or WoW Classic. Its quite possible (and common) to go extended periods of time with no procs, or to have multiple back-to-back procs. You are especially susceptible to not seeing consistent procs when bosses die very quickly, or if there is a lot of movement or other mechanics that prevent constant uptime on bosses (The Chromaggus run-in, run-out “dance” is a good example of this).

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread now as well, since we’ve determined that this item is working as expected. We very much appreciate the observations and analysis that everyone has provided for this.

Thank you!

With the ZG enchantments coming out, we noticed that a few of those enchantments suffered from a similar bug to the one preventing Devilsaur Armor from granting +2% hit (which we fixed in September). In particular, the Zandalar Signet of Might wasn’t granting its +30 attack power when applied to the Highlander’s Leather Shoulders, which also have +30 attack power. We have a fix ready to deploy with next week’s maintenance to make these enchantments provide the value they were intended to, even when applied to items with the same effect built in.

We also noticed that our first round of enchantment fixes to prevent enchantments from consuming buff slots missed some of the enchantments that could be flagged to avoid consuming buff slots. The powerful ZG enchants, and “Arcanum” enchants are among these, and we also have a hotfix to keep these from consuming buff slots, which will also be out by next week’s maintenance.

There may be some enchantments whose effects are complex enough that they can’t be marked passive, but we’ll do our best to mark any passive that can be, so they won’t consume a helpful buff slot.

We hope this helps players who stack buffs and recently discovered that their ZG enchant was pushing off a buff. We’ve seen that some players enjoy buff stacking, and we don’t want the ZG enchants to be a power-loss trap that you can’t fix without replacing the gear.

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