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WoW Classic: mille ban ogni giorno


Il Community Manager Kaivax ha pubblicato alcune informazioni aggiuntive su hack e cheat in WoW Classic. Hanno annunciato di aver bannato più di mille bot al giorno con la squadra anti-cheat concentrandosi su popolari spot di botting come Dire Maul/Maglio Infausto e chiede di alla community di continuare a segnalare le varie violazioni per continuare a tenere il gioco il più pulito possibile.

No hacks or cheats are allowed.

Our anti-cheat team takes action against botters and hackers 24/7, and every time I’ve asked them “how many botters were actioned yesterday?”, the number is always in the thousands. That’s a global number, by the way.

Our anti-cheat team focuses on popular botting spots, especially areas that are commonly reported by players. For example, Dire Maul has been one such area for cheaters, so a lot of attention from my colleagues has been put on Dire Maul recently.

Please be encouraged to keep using the in-game reporting system for cheat/hack reports. Those complement our systems that automatically look for the ever-changing strategies and software that the botters are using, and reports really help us zero in on new hacks more quickly than we would have without them.

Thank you!

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