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WoW Classic: risolto il bug dell'Onore in PvP

Sco rank 14 Classic

Dopo due settimane di studio, segnalazioni e lamentele, il WoW Developer Pazorax ha annunciato che il fastidioso bug che interessava il PvP di Classic è stato risolto. Per fortuna, in tempo per il rilascio dei Battlegrounds annunciato nelle scorse ore.

L’errore riguardava le uccisioni onorevoli, le quali venivano conteggiate in maniera errata. Tale problema è stato finalmente risolto. Blizzard ha rimediato anche all’errato calcolo delle uccisioni avvenute nelle scorse due settimane. Per questo motivo alcuni giocatori potrebbero vedere il loro Rank aumentato o diminuito, proprio perché ora le uccisioni vengono conteggiate in maniera corretta.

Did somebody say, “What about the first two weeks?”

I’m glad you asked, because earlier today, we ran a repair script to fix the results of weeks 1 and 2, and that change should be visible to affected players now.

During weeks 1 and 2, as many of you have noted here, kills during certain time periods weren’t being counted in the daily roll-ups, which in turn caused them not to count toward your weekly standing. This resulted in players getting the wrong standing relative to one another, and the wrong amount of rank points. Some players got too many rank points, while others got too few.

Even if you didn’t get all your kills counted, you might have had a higher rank than you ought to, because somebody with a similar standing was missing even more kills (or higher value kills) than you were.

We had all the kills recorded, but because ranks are a result of relative standings, and each week is affected by previous weeks, we couldn’t just apply a repair for missing kills, we had to re-run the jobs for all 3 weeks to figure out what your correct ranking ought to be right now, and we did exactly that. We didn’t want to take anything away from anybody who might have been blissfully unaware of this problem, so after calculating the correct rank points for everybody in this region, we only adjusted the rank points of anybody who’s rank points were too low, to raise their ranking up to the point that it ought to be.

Now that that fix has been applied, we’re in a good state to head into battlegrounds.

Thanks again for your patience!

See you in Azeroth!

Enrico "Xly" Favaro

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