Hotfix per WoW: ripristinati premi della Grande Banca

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Blizzard ha rilasciato dei nuovi hotfix che finalmente correggono il bug che dalla Grande Banca che non faceva uscire i giusti premi delle mitiche+ e altri piccoli fix per missioni, classi e professioni.

Il Community Manager Kaivax ha comunicato che è in arrivo un hotfix che permetterà, solo per una volta, di poter ritornare in una congrega che avevamo lasciato senza dover fare le missioni per ripristinare l’onore con loro e ha confermato che per passare Cenere d’Anima ai nostri personaggi secondari dobbiamo prima arrivare al livello 44 della fama con la nostra congrega.

JUNE 30, 2021


  • Fixed an issue where Achievement progress toasts were appearing in the wrong size and the text was not centered.


  • Death Knight
    • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t create a class trial Pandaren Death Knight.
  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Fixed an issue where the Harm Denial conduit wasn’t increasing the healing of Expel Harm when used on an ally during Soothing Mist.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Winged Ravager’s Devour Essence will once again correctly damage its primary target instead of all nearby players.

Items and Rewards

  • The Great Vault has returned and generates the correct item levels for Mythic+ rewards.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Soulbind, Covenant set and Legendary bonuses were giving 50% more stats than intended, returning them back to their correct tooltip amounts.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some players to lose Rank 4 Legendary item crafting recipes.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause other players to interrupt Ve’nari’s actions during the quest “Mysteries of the Maw.”
  • Fixed an issue where “Mysteries of the Maw” would no longer progress if you died and resurrected during the stealth segment of the quest.

When you leave a Covenant, they assign betrayer status to you. Returning to that Covenant is possible, but you have to take extra steps to regain their full trust.

Nonetheless, the Covenants are now coming together to fight a great threat, and there’s an upcoming new season, and they’re temporarily feeling more compatible with those who previously left their sanctums.

Considering all of the recent balance changes and new rewards like Covenant mounts, we’re creating a hotfix that will reset the betrayer status for all players who previously left any Covenants. This will be one-time renovation to your relationship with your old Covenant intended to make it easier for you to return and pick back up where you left off with them.

We expect the hotfix to go live in the next couple of days.

This is correct.1 0 Klonus:

There is a vendor in Korthia who exchanges 300 soul ash for 250. Requires renown 44 though. Have to wait till next week.

Hitting Renown 44 and doing some quests will reveal Heirmir in Korthia.

Vendors in Torghast do not sell this exchange item.

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