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WoW: i monili non possono essere corrotti

wow promemoria stagione 4

Il Community Manager Kaivax ha rilasciato un promemoria con i cambiamenti attivi che ci saranno da domani mattina con l’inizio della stagione 4 ed ha precisato che gli oggetti che usciranno dalle casse settimanali delle mitiche+ e PvP saranno sempre corrotti, mentre ha confermato che i monili non possono essere corrotti.

Blizzard ha rilasciato dei nuovi hotfix che vedono degli aggiustamenti nell’incursione Ny’alotha, la città risvegliata, potenziamenti per i monili della stagione 4 e dei nerf agli effetti degli oggetti corrotti in PvP.

Here’s a reminder that tomorrow morning, we’re going to see some significant changes:

  • Ny’alotha will open for Mythic difficulty and the first wing of Raid Finder difficulty.
  • Mythic Keystone dungeons at +7 or higher, as well as PvP Rank 2 or higher, will now award end-of-run items that scale up to item level 465 (at Mythic +15 and Gladiator, respectively).
  • Weekly chests for Mythic Keystone and PvP activities now contain Season 4 items, which are always Corrupted (if the item is eligible – trinkets cannot be Corrupted).
  • Weekly chest rewards now scale up to item level 475, and do not Warforge/Titanforge

January 27, 2020


  • Fixed a bug that prevented eligible players from receiving credit for It’s Not a Cult if a raid member died during the N’Zoth the Corruptor encounter on Normal or Heroic difficulties.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Credit for rare creatures in the Vale of Eternal Twilight and Vision of the Twisting Sands is now shared.
  • The Spirit Drinker creatures should no longer get stuck in an immune state.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Ny’alotha, the Waking City
    • Corrected an issue that prevented Protection Paladins’ Blessed Hammer (Talent) from dealing damage to Wrathion, Drest’agath, and Il’gynoth.
    • Wrathion
      • Fixed a bug that prevented players from looting Wrathion if he was defeated while transitioning.
    • Maut
      • The amount of mana gained by Maut through Dark Offering has been increased on Normal difficulty.
      • Mana gained by Maut through Devour Manifestation has been increased on Normal difficulty.
    • N’Zoth the Corruptor
      • Harvest Thoughts no longer counts player pets and guardians when dividing the damage and Sanity loss effect.
      • Slightly expanded the distance at which melee characters can attack Exposed Synapses on Normal and Heroic difficulties.

Horrific Visions

  • Fixed an issue where Split Personality and Dark Delusions removed players from stealth.

Lesser Visions

  • Starting with this week’s resets, the first Lesser Vision daily quest of the week now gives 3000 Coalescing Visions (was 2000 Coalescing Visions).

Items and Rewards

  • Corrupted Gladiator’s Spite’s on-use ability cooldown has been reduced to 60 seconds (was 90 seconds).
  • Humming Black Dragonscale’s levitation effect no longer triggers if the player is affected by a Neural Silencer or Magical Intrusion Dampener.
  • Writhing Segment of Drest’agath’s damage has been increased by 20%.
  • Corrupted Items
    • Echoing Void (Corrupted Effect) can now only trigger from abilities that are on the global cooldown.
    • Echoing Void can now be removed by abilities that dispel Magic effects.
    • Twisted Appendage’s (Corrupted Effect) health has been reduced to 1% of the player’s maximum health (was 20%).
    • The ground spell effect indicating Eye of Corruption’s (Corrupted Effect) radius of effect is now easier to see on sloped terrain.
    • Lingering Psychic Shell
      • Now applies an absorb shield that prevents 80% of incoming damage, up to the amount of damage indicated on the item.
      • While inside Ny’alotha, the Waking City instance, the wearer’s Corruption Resistance increases the total amount of damage absorbed by up to 50%.
        • Developers’ note: Due to several issues with this trinket, we have changed its functionality to be more intuitive. The tooltip will be updated in a future patch to more accurately reflect the trinket’s functionality.
    • Twisted Appendages (Corrupted Effect) can no longer be struck by area-of-effect attacks such as Mages’ Arcane Explosion.
    • Killing Twisted Appendages no longer grant on-kill bonuses from Talents and abilities (e.g. Warriors’ Victory Rush).
    • Fixed a bug which prevented Ineffable Truth (Corruption Effect) from triggering on some melee and ranged abilities.
    • Heart of Azeroth
      • Corrected an issue where Crucible of Flame (Essence) sometimes incorrectly healed Wrathion during his encounter in the Nyalotha, the Waking City raid.

Player versus Player

  • Twilight Devastation (Corruption Effect) has a 12-second cooldown when engaged in combat with enemy players.
  • Twilight Devastation now deals 50% reduced damage when engaged in combat with enemy players.
  • Echoing Void (Corruption Effect) now deals 50% reduced damage when engaged in combat with enemy players.


  • Players should be able to discover Cataclysm Engineering recipes again from crafting recipes on that list.


  • Players are now able to perform the Nordrassil ritual during “Lunar Preservation” without breaking any rituals afterward.

WoW Classic

  • Quest credit for Elune’s Blessing should now be granted more consistently.

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