Patch 9.1.5: Cambiamenti al Monaco e nerf alle mitiche+ di Legion

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Il Community Manager Linxy ha aggiornato le note del PTR della patch 9.1.5 e il WoW Developer MattVi ha annunciato dei nerf per le Mitiche+ di Legion.

Le novità sono quindi:

  • Cambiamenti alla classe Monaco per tutte e tre le specializzazioni e un’abilità con la congrega dei Venthyr;
  • Nerf alle mitiche+ dei Viaggi del Tempo di Legion, con un abbassamento delle Chiave del Potere di tre livelli. L’equipaggiamento e le Essenze di Azerite non funzioneranno in queste spedizioni;
  • Ora i Nobili Oscuri maschi hanno l’opzione del bagliore violaceo alle mani;
  • I Fili del Fato vedono aumentato l’esperienza e le Cenere d’Anima prese dentro Torgast. Inoltre, la missione giornaliera richiede di completare Torgast solo una volta (prima era due);
  • Miglioramenti all’interfaccia utente.
  • Su Wowhead sono stati dataminati nuovi giocattoli per le festività in arrivo.

Vi lasciamo con i bluepost originali. Vi piacciono questi cambiamenti?

Here are the notes for this week’s PTR update:

Allied Races

  • Both male and female Nightborne can now customize their hands with a glow effect.
    • Developers’ note: The PTR character copy may result in characters looking different while we work to hook up the new customizations.
  • Fixed an issue with the mouths on several male Nightborne face options.


  • Monk
    • Fallen Order (Venthyr Ability) now spawns an equal amount of off-spec Adepts (was random) and Adepts now apply Mystic Touch to their targets.
      • Ox Adepts now throw a Fallen Brew at the Monk after spawning, granting the Monk an absorb shield for 10% of the Monk’s maximum health for 8 seconds.
      • Tiger Adept’s Tiger Palm damage increased by 200%.
      • Tiger Adepts now cast Spinning Crane Kick if there are more than 1 enemy within range.
      • While Tiger Adepts are active, the Monk and their allies gain 5% movement speed, stacking with other movement speed increasing effects such as the Monk’s Windwalking.
    • Brewmaster
      • Ox Adept’s Breath of Fire damage reduction from Fallen Order (Venthyr Ability) now stacks with your Breath of Fire damage reduction.
      • Crane Adepts from Fallen Order (Venthyr Ability) now prefer to heal the Monk over other friendly targets.
    • Mistweaver
      • Crane Adept’s Enveloping Mist from Fallen Order (Venthyr Ability) no longer gains cooldown reduction from the Monk’s Haste.
    • Windwalker
      • Tiger Adepts attacks from Fallen Order (Venthyr Ability) now count towards your recently attacked Spinning Crane Kick bonus.
      • Crane Adepts from Fallen Order (Venthyr Ability) now prefer to heal the Monk over other friendly targets.
  • Shaman
    • Restoration
      • Spirit Link Totem’s tooltip has been updated to better match its functionality. No functional change has been made to Spirit Link Totem.

Threads of Fate

  • Tal-Inara now offers a Torghast, Tower of the Damned daily quest for experience and Soul Ash.
    • Increased the amount of experience points earned from completing Torghast, Tower of the Damned side objectives and defeating the end of the run boss.
    • The daily quest now requires completing Torghast, Tower of the Damned once (was 2 times).

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Enemy and boss dialogue options have been added to Text to Speech settings.
  • A helptip has been added to highlight the Reagent Bank.
  • The latest test versions of World of Warcraft include new code and data related to forthcoming improvements to our methods and systems for handling player misbehavior. This does not include anything testable at this time.

Our upcoming PTR build will include tuning adjustments intended to reduce the difficulty of these dungeons by approximately 3 keystone levels. While there’s still work to do, we expect they should now feel closer to their Shadowlands counterparts at a given key level.

To answer some questions above:

  • Azerite gear/essences functioning in these dungeons was a bug. It should be fixed now, but please let us know if you see anything unusual.
  • We’re not looking to drastically change the feel of dungeons or available strategies, but we’re open to changing some things to better match modern player expectations or improve the feel of the dungeon, such as active mitigation mechanics. Snapping fixes could be part of that.
  • If an Infernal beacon is not activated, it will activate automatically when the boss close to it is engaged. The main goal here is flexibility and allowing for bold strategic choices to save time, but a more clear “upside” is something we’ve discussed as a possibility.

Thank you!

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