Blizzard ha rilasciato dei nuovi hotfix che permettono di usare gli oggetti Contaminante Preservato, che imprimono una Corruzione a un oggetto non corrotto, e Occhio Cavato di N’zoth, che crea un incavo su un oggetto, sull’equipaggiamento Rated PvP.

Sono in arrivo anche dei fix che andranno a correggere un bug di interazione tra la Corruzione Verità Ineffabile e l’abilità del Paladino Pugno della Giustizia.

In WoW Classic è aumentata l’apparizione dell’erba Black Lotus/Fiore di Loto Nero, ma solo per chi ha la professione Herbalism/Erbalismo al livello 300. Inoltre sono stati corretti alcuni exploit del campo di battaglia Warsong Gulch/Forra dei Cantaguerra.

May 28, 2020

Items and Rewards

  • Preserved Contaminant and Gouged Eye of N’Zoth can now be applied to items acquired from weekly rated PvP quests.

Player versus Player 

  • [With regional restarts] Corrupted Gladiator’s Spite on use effect now keeps the afflicted enemies in combat for the full duration of its effect.
  • Fixed an issue where Mantid Fire Bomb damage was scaling incorrectly against players.

WoW Classic

  • Black Lotus now spawns more often and can appear in many new locations.
  • Black Lotus cannot be seen on-screen or on the minimap by players who are dead, unless they have Herbalism at level 300 or higher.
  • In Warsong Gulch, several locations outside of the intended play area have been blocked off.
We think we’ve found a way to fix a bug, and we’re planning to deploy the fix in the next day or two.

The bug is with the Corruption Effect Ineffable Truth and its interaction with abilities like Fist of Justice causing more than the intended amounts of cooldown reduction.

The hotfix will make it so the flat cooldown reduction provided by Fist of Justice (and similar abilities) will not be unintentionally increased by effects that increase your cooldown rate (such as Ineffable Truth).

We’ll confirm that the fix is live in our hotfixes update posts

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