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Gli eventi per il 15° anniversario di World of Warcraft non sono ancora disponibili all’interno del gioco, ma nel frattempo Blizzard non attende. Proprio per celebrare i 15 anni del MMORPG più famoso al mondo, la casa di Irvine ha inaugurato una vendita di beneficenza. In tale evento verranno messi in vendita alcuni dei server HP BladeSystem, i quali sono stati usati da Blizzard per far funzionare World of Warcraft nel periodo che va dal 2010 al 2016.

Il ricavato di tale vendita sarà devoluto all’associazione Pencils of Promise, un’associazione educativa il cui obiettivo è dare accesso all’istruzione anche alle fasce di popolazione più povera. Potrete partecipare a questa vendita sul Blizzard Gear Store. Dato che i pezzi acquistabili saranno numericamente limitati, la vendita avverrà in due tranche. La prima avverrà venerdì 13 settembre alle 19.00 ora italiana, mentre la seconda si svolgerà mercoledì 18 settembre alle 02.00 di notte ora italiana.

Vi lasciamo il bluepost (in inglese) con tutte le informazioni e le F.A.Q. di questa promozione

*Sold Out!

It’s been a truly epic 15 years of World of Warcraft®—and what better way to commemorate this momentous event than to purchase a piece of WoW® history, all while benefitting a great cause.

We’ve preserved a number of retired HP server blades that once hosted World of Warcraft realms, and you can purchase one during our two waves of sales on Friday, September 13 at 10:00 a.m. PDT and Tuesday, September 17 at 5:00 p.m. PDT on the Blizzard Gear Store to support Pencils of Promise, a global education organization creating schools, programs, and global communities around the common goal of education for all. For a limited time, a small number of these special anniversary server blades will be available for purchase and 100% of the sale price of each blade (excludes manufacturing and freight to warehouse costs, chargebacks, refunds, and value added tax) will be donated to Pencils of Promise. *

Purchase your piece of history now!


Q: Who is Pencils of Promise?
In their own words: Pencils of Promise (PoP) is a for-purpose organization founded in 2008 with the goal of increasing access to quality education for children around the world. PoP works with communities to build schools and create programs that provide educational opportunities for students, no matter where they are born or what resources they have. To date, PoP has built more than 500 schools and currently serves more than 100,000 students throughout Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, establishing itself as a leader amongst the innovative global nonprofits working toward sustainable social change. Learn more at

Q: How much of my money goes to Pencils of Promise?
Pencils of Promise will receive 100% of the sale price, less any manufacturing and freight to warehouse costs, chargebacks, refunds, and Value Added Taxes (VAT).

Q: What is a server blade?
A:  World of Warcraft realms are hosted on HP BladeSystem, which combines server, storage, network, power, and management capabilities into an integrated system. These blades were part of the hardware that provided the processing power to run the game from 2010-2016.

Q. Will I be able to purchase a specific server blade?
A. Due to advancements in the technology behind World of Warcraft and the ability to host many realms on one blade, there’s no way to guarantee purchasers will receive a server blade that previously hosted a specific realm they were interested in.

Q: What does the server blade come with?
A:Each blade server comes with a decorated plexi-glass cover and a World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary plaque.

Q: Is the server blade functional?
A:The server blade is not functional and contains no data. This retired HP server blade is intended only to be a unique collector’s item and not a piece of functioning hardware.

Q: Do I have to pay for shipping?
A: Yes, purchasers will have to pay for shipping.

Q: When will I receive my World of Warcraft server blade if I purchase one?
A: Barring unanticipated circumstances, the expected delivery time for items is 12–15 weeks after the final payment is received and acknowledged.

Q: How will my World of Warcraft server blade be shipped?
A: Your World of Warcraft server blade will ship in custom 15th anniversary packaging and a brown box with foam padding to help protect it during shipping.

Q: What should I do if I have any issues with my order?
A:If you encounter any issues with your World of Warcraft server blade order, contact customer service for assistance.

*Purchaser shall pay shipping costs. Sale ends September 24, 2019, or while supplies last.

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