Dragonflight: chiarimenti sul funzionamento del “nuovo” Group Loot

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Nelle novità per le incursioni della Stagione 1 di Dragonflight, di certo quella che ha destato maggior interesse nella community di World of Warcraft, è stato il ritorno del Group Loot che prenderà il posto dell’attuale sistema del Bottino Personalizzato.

Sono state poste già molte domande e il WoW Developer Scariizard è intervenuto rispondendo alla maggior parte di esse. In sintesi ha detto:

  • Ora le opzioni Need e Greed si attiveranno solo per gli equipaggiamenti che sono adatti per la tua classe. Esempio: il guerriero non potrà mai entrare in competizione per un oggetto che sia stoffa, pelle e maglia.
  • Entreranno in gioco anche le opzioni specializzazione primaria (mainspec) e secondaria (offspec) scelte in quel momento, dove un oggetto che è per la main spec avrà l’opzione Need mentre se l’oggetto è adatto alla off spec avrà solo l’opzione Greed. In questa maniera anche se si cambia specializzazione per uno specifico scontro ma si mantiene le stesse opzioni delle specializzazioni primaria e secondaria si avranno sempre le stesse opzioni di Need e Greed.
  • Non si potranno vincere due oggetti uguali con i tiri. Se si vince uno dei due si verrà automaticamente tolti per la competizione del secondo.
    • Inoltre non si potrà partecipare alla gara per un bottino se si ha lo stesso equipaggiamento con lo stesso livello oggetto a quello uscito.
      • Fanno eccezione a queste regole le classi che usano due armi dove in questo caso potranno partecipare comunque alla gara se una delle due mani non ha equipaggiata l’arma contesa.
      • Altra eccezione è se quel bottino esca con una statistica terziaria, allora si potrà comunque partecipare alla competizione perchè sarà considerato un aggiornamento.
  • Ricordiamo che tutte le restrizioni sullo scambio di oggetti tra i membri del gruppo verranno completamente rimosse, quindi si potranno comunque passare gli oggetti a chi si vuole dopo la votazione e l’assegnazione dei bottini.
    • Da ricordare che si può ottenere il bottino dai boss solo una volta alla settimana da ogni singola difficoltà, quindi se passiamo un oggetto a un altro giocatore e se riproveremo a rifare quel boss in quella difficoltà e nella stessa settimana non otterremo più nulla.
  • Il piano attuale prevede che Group Loot siano usato anche nella modalità Ricerca delle Incursioni.

Invece sui bottini vincolati all’equipaggiamento, in base ai feedback ricevuti, non saranno per ora inseriti le armi come probabile bottino

Vi lasciamo con i bluepost originali e con la nostra pagina dedicata a Dragonflight con tutte le novità. Cosa ne pensate di questi cambiamenti al sistema del Group Loot?

Hey folks, going to respond to add some clarity that might alleviate some concerns, or at the very least better communicate how things will be.

As the title says, these would be for Dragonflight Season 1 – which means the Group Loot being always on is not just for beta. That said, we’ve improved Group Loot a lot from when it was last shown in 2016, and are continuing to work to remove other edge cases. For example:

  • In the past, Need/Greed only knew if something was equippable or the right armor type, not if it was meant for your spec or not. This is now changed.
  • First off, you can never Need for anything your class cannot wear. No warriors sniping cloth robes with a need roll and giving it away or trolling.
  • We also have mainspec and offspec functionality built-in, which changes based on the current loot spec you set.
  • Main spec takes priority, then Off spec, then greed. So while a Ret paladin can’t off-spec loot a shield away from a main-spec roll from the Tank, anyone rolling greed could never win it over them. This also means that if you swap specs for a specific fight, like going Holy, you can still main spec roll for your desired items if they come from that boss without having to worry about hurting yourself by being flexible to your group.
  • Players won’t be able to win multiples of the same item – say that 2 sets of Shoulders drop. While you can roll Need on both of them, winning one will ‘remove’ your roll from the other.
  • Additionally, players can’t Need on a piece of loot if they’re wearing the exact piece at the exact item level, though in the event where this occurs but the dropped piece has a Tertiary stat or Socket, that roll would be possible (as those are upgrades).
  • Lastly, even after winning the roll, items remain fully tradeable without restrictions to any player that was eligible as a looter – as-in, if you weren’t locked to that boss previously. Inversely, this means that players who have already killed Boss 1 on Normal for the week can’t join for that boss and have loot traded to them (similarly, the need/greed pane won’t appear for that player).

As many in this thread have speculated, all players in Personal Loot were constantly ‘rolling’ behind the scenes, whether you wanted to or not. It’s not as simple as ‘with group loot you’re rolling against everyone, but in personal loot you’re rolling against fewer’. Changing to Group Loot for raids makes the process of loot acquisition and distribution more transparent and gives players more freedom to trade loot around and allocate it socially if they choose to do so.

Additionally, the current plan is for Group Loot to be active in Looking for Raid, though we’re open to taking action such as increasing the quantity of loot from LFR if the friction proves to be too much there.

On the Topic of BoEs:

Based on feedback and some further consideration, we’re likely not moving forward with Weapons as part of a BoE table just yet. It’s very possible that introducing that level of volatility would make it hard to us to verify how the other BoE changes are working (and if we’d like to support them). It’s on the table for future iteration, but might cause too much unintended chaos at the start of a period of so much systemic change for WoW as a whole.

Thanks for all your feedback thus far, and we hope this at least better clarifies how we envision this working in the near future.

That’s correct, dual wielding classes are exempt from this as far as weapons are concerned (assuming the weapon itself is not unique-equipped).

We’re working on this, but ideally:

  • If you control a 398 ‘Cool Dragon Ring’ with any tertiary, you cannot roll need on another 398 ‘Cool Dragon Ring’ without a tertiary. It only works one way.
  • This is a little under the hood, but we’re working towards it being so that not all tertiaries are considered equal – it’s valid for a healer to want to roll for an item with leech or some players to roll on an item with a socket, even if they have that exact item and level but it has say, Speed or Indestructible. We’ll see how this works long-term but some version of that is the idea.

And yes, Loot Spec will be set via the character pane under ‘Loot Options’ as it is currently.

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