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Dragonflight: chiarimenti su alcuni talenti del Cacciatore e Sciamano


L’alfa di Dragonflight sta procedendo e con essa i vari feedback che la community sta inviando agli sviluppatori. Il Game Designer Nimox è intervenuto spiegando la filosofia di alcune scelte per i talenti dello Sciamano e del Cacciatore:



  • Il talento Precisione ha un cooldown maggiore rispetto ad altre abilità e questo è dovuto al fatto che, nel periodo di attivazione della magia, rende la classe molto dinamica dando l’opportunità di diverse combinazioni. Per ora rimarrà con tale effetto e tempo di recupero, anche se rimangono attenti ai futuri feedback in arrivo.

Vi lasciamo con i bluepost originali per tutti i dettagli e con la nostra pagina dedicata a Dragonflight con tutte le novità. Cosa ne pensate di questi interventi?

Is there two Healing Stream Totem talents because taking both is supposed to give you 2 charges?

36 1 Icantmendyou:

there are currently two stormkeeper talents in the elemental tree one at the end of the tree as a choice node and one on the way to the choice node

The intent with these talents is that getting the first will grant you the ability, such as Healing Stream Totem, or Stormkeeper. Acquiring the second will instead grant you a second charge of these abilities, similar to how the live version of Echo of the Elements grants Restoration Shaman a second charge of Healing Stream Totem.

This may not currently be functioning, but that is the plan for these.

Trueshot is a massively weak major cooldown when compared to the likes of other 2 minute cooldowns such as Combustion or Vendetta

This is an interesting point of discussion. Cooldowns that are significant power swings, such as Combustion, often define your style of play. You likely need to combo in as many effects as possible to skyrocket up your damage in a short timeframe. Whether or not you get lucky with procs and whatever else in that window dictates a lot about your performance over the fight as a whole. You also start feeling much less effective outside of these damage windows, as you peak very high, and then go down into a lower state of throughput until the cooldown is available again.

Not every cooldown needs to be a significant swing. If Trueshot is made stronger, your average damage outside of Trueshot will likely go down to compensate. Should Trueshot be a big damage swing cooldown like Combustion? The current thought is no.

The points made about Precise Shots during the Trueshot window are valid feedback and is something we could work on to make better, but at the same time we’re also currently OK if some things like Precise Shot stacks are “wasted” during this window. Trueshot makes your gameplay feel significantly different while it is active, which is great. If the cooldown was changed to +20% critical strike chance, it remains effective and a good burst window, but doesn’t feel like you’re doing anything special other than getting a few more critical hits. That’s not to say that secondary stats or a percent critical strike buff are bad, it’s just different.

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