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Shadowlands beta: cambiamenti per classi, Armature Retaggio e Pozioni

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Ieri sera è stata rilasciata una nuova corposa patch per la beta di Shadowlands. Il piatto forte sono nuove modifiche alle classi dopo quelle che avevamo visto la settimana scorsa, per Paladino Castigo, Druido Equilibrio, Sacerdote, Monaco, Cavaliere della Morte Empietà e Sciamano Elementale. Novità anche per i poteri delle Congreghe per Guerriero e Cacciatore.

Ci sono però diversi altri cambiamenti importanti, che potrebbero non essere più validi da qui alla fine della beta, ma che riportiamo comunque per correttezza di informazione. Cominciamo con un cambio importante per il debuff Ferite Mortali: contro i PNG avrà effetti raddoppiati, mentre contro i giocatori gli effetti saranno normali.

Come riportato da Wowhead, le Armature Retaggio delle Razze Alleate (attualmente ottenibili portando un PG di quella razza al 120) in Shadowlands si otterranno una volta raggiunto il livello 50. Ricordiamo che dalla pre-patch non sarà neanche più necessario essere Osannato con le rispettive Reputazioni.

Novità importante anche per le Pozioni di Salute: nella beta non ci sono già più usi limitati per un incontro, ma da adesso hanno tutte un cooldown condiviso di 5 minuti. Abilità speciali come Pietra della Salute o Phial of Serenity (abilità della Congrega di Bastione) hanno un recupero di 3 minuti separato da quello delle Pozioni.

Per queste e altre novità, vi invitiamo a leggere la nostra pagina dedicata a Shadowlands. Di seguito invece potete trovare tutti i bluepost dedicati, con un titolo indicativo prima di ogni intervento.

Paladino Castigo

The most prominent changes in an upcoming build will be two new talents for Retribution.

– A redesigned  Execution Sentence brings back the iconic falling hammer, and delayed burst of large damage, on a 1 min cooldown.
– As discussed previously, spell paladin inquisition Inquisition was slated for replacement, due to having its role largely supplanted by the classwide talent ability paladin seraphim Seraphim. Look on row 50 for an entirely new active damage talent, Final Reckoning.

More minor changes:
– ability revendreth paladin Ashen Hallow slightly reworked to be more normal AoE damage, as well as providing a stronger buff to spell paladin hammerofwrath Hammer of Wrath.
– ability paladin infusionoflight Healing Hands (Ret) redesigned to buff both spell holy layonhands Lay on Hands and inv helmet 96 Word of Glory, and to have it effect scale continuously with target health rather than having a cliff.
– ability paladin blessedmending Bestow Faith (Holy) generates 1 Holy Power
– inv bannerpvp 02 Echoes of Lordaeron (Holy) healing substantially increased

Druido Equilibrio

Shooting Stars baseline thank you and good night

…I see, you’re still here. Ok, two somewhat significant changes to Balance in the upcoming build:

– spell priest divinestar shadow2 Shooting Stars is moved baseline on the spec, with a new passive talent taking its place. We generally agree with the feedback that the DoTs didn’t communicate with the rest of the core rotation in any way. It’s a good foundation if the generators, the spenders, and the DoTs all feel like they reinforce each other in some way.

– spell arcane arcane03 Starsurge’s interaction with ability druid eclipseorange Eclipse is changed: it now increases the Eclipse bonus rather than extending the duration (Eclipse duration will simply be fixed at 15s). It still serves similar goals—Starsurge feeding back into the Eclipse/nuke cycle, as mentioned, and some depth around resource planning/pooling. But overall less frenetic to not have to worry about keeping an Eclipse going, and frankly avoids some likely balance issues that would occur as Eclipse duration scaled nonlinearly with haste. This also allows the Starsurge-Eclipse mechanic to function with spell nature natureguardian Celestial Alignment again, which is a plus.

More minor changes:
– ability druid manatree Soul of the Forest adds a new effect to each Eclipse, rather than merely increasing its numbers.
– spell priest divinestar shadow2 Shooting Stars procs more often than it had been in beta
– Fixed an error that was causing spell nature starfall Moonfire/ability mage firestarter Sunfire durations to be double-extended by a levelup upgrade. They are intended to be the same as in BFA.
– Increased DoT damage by about 10%.

Sacerdote Disciplina e Sacro

A few things for healing Priests this update:

– ability priest ascension Apotheosis now resets the cooldowns of Holy Words when activated

– ability priest atonement Lenience (talent) returned to the level 50 row
– ability shaman astralshift Spirit Shell now appears on the level 50 row, in place of spell priest burningwill Luminous Barrier, as an active talent that replaces Rapture. An old favorite, adapted to the current Discipline spec to work with ability priest atonement Atonement, and providing an alternate method of preparing an absorb shield on your group.
– spell holy rapture Rapture now instantly casts a spell holy powerwordshield Power Word: Shield on the target when activated. Casting with a target is optional; it will put the shield on you if there isn’t one.

Sacerdote Ombra

Additionally, this week we want to highlight a change we’ve done to the Shadow Priest mastery.

In this change we’ve redesigned the mastery to be something more inline with the new changes, encouraging the Priest to stack their damage over time effects on targets for maximum effect. For each of your damage over time effects on the target, your damage is increased.

A twist: while in Void Form you gain full benefit of this mastery by dealing full damage on all targets, assuming they have all of your DoTs, whether they’re present on the target or not. We’ve decided to call this new mastery “Shadow Weaving,” invoking the name and spirit of an a legacy Shadow Priest talent.

Your damage is increased by x% for each of Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch and Devouring Plague on the target. During Void Form, all targets receive the maximum effect.
Let us know what you think!


Thank you, Monk community, for your patience throughout Shadowlands development. We’re especially grateful for the many detailed bug reports that Monk testers have submitted.

In this week’s build, you’ll see a number of updates to Monk leveling rewards. These include several spell upgrades, as well as the removal of Dual Wield and 2-handed requirements for Fists of Fury (Windwalker) and Blackout Kick (Brewmaster). We also performed a pass on all of the Celestial invocation spells, adding Rank 2 upgrades for each and re-designing Yu’lon and Chi-Ji for Mistweavers.

Level 58 – Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox – Rank 2

  • The damage of Niuzao’s Stomp is now increased by 25% of the Stagger damage you have purified in the last 5 seconds.

Level 58 – Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger – Rank 2

  • Xuen strikes your enemies with Empowered Tiger Lightning every 8 seconds, dealing 10% of damage you have dealt to those targets in the last 8 seconds.

Level 34 – Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent

  • Mana cost increased to 5% base Mana (was 0%).
  • Yu’lon now idles near the Mistweaver and casts Soothing Breath on an injured target, healing the target and up to 4 nearby injured allies.
  • Soothing Breath gains benefit from Soothing Mist bonuses, similar to Summon Jade Serpent Statue.

Level 45 – Invoke Chi’Ji, the Red Crane

  • Mana cost reduced to 5% base Mana (was 10%).
  • Chi’Ji is now assists the Monk and deals melee damage.
  • While Chi’Ji is active, your Physical attacks cause Chi’Ji to heal up to 3 injured allies with a Gust of Mist, and reduce the cast time of your next Enveloping Mist by 33%, stacking 3 times.
  • Chi’Ji’s Gust of Mist currently heals for 200% of a normal mastery heal.
  • Activating Invoke Chi’Ji, the Red Crane clears the Mistweaver of all movement impairing (snare, root) effects, and provides immunity to these effects for the duration.

Level 58 – Invoke Yu’lon, the Jade Serpent – Rank 2

  • Yu’lon and Chi-Ji now heal up to 5 nearby targets with Enveloping Breath when you cast Enveloping Mist, healing over 6 seconds, and increasing the healing they receive from you by 10%.

We’ve been working hard to address the many bugs that have been submitted, with a focus on those bugs that are impacting testing, and we expect to have Monk testing in a much better place with next week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta (the first week of September).

Our goal is to make use of the feedback we’ve received here and elsewhere, with respect to Covenant class abilities, core class abilities, and legendaries. Thank you for your commitment to providing us with so much valuable information. Please look for more updates next week!

Cavaliere della Morte Empietà

This week’s Shadowlands build has a few updates to address recent Unholy feedback. Our focus with these changes is: Rune economy, Scourge Strike not preferring targets with Festering Wounds, and the start sequence.

  • Scourge Strike now prefers targets with Festering Wounds while inside Death and Decay
  • Apocalypse has a new rank upgrade, learned at level 58, that causes it to generate 2 Runes.
  • Unholy Blight now applies Virulent Plague to enemies it hits.
  • Unholy Strike is renamed Unholy Assault, the Rune cost is removed, and the haste increased back to 20%.
  • Soul Reaper’s cooldown is reduced to 6 seconds (was 8 seconds) to help promote more gameplay around the ability and its duration.

Thank you for all the feedback and we look forward to hearing more as you get a chance to play with these changes.

Sciamano Elementale

In this week’s PTR and Beta builds, several changes have been made to bring the Maelstrom resource back for Elemental Shaman. Many months ago, we had opted to try not having a special resource on the Shaman class, and went forward with the plan to remove Maelstrom and rebuild Fulmination as the ability it was prior to the Legion expansion. Ever since the first Alpha builds, we have been watching reactions and listening to how people feel about using the Fulmination buff. Many changes were made to make more and more spells and abilities interact with Fulmination, any sort of randomness was removed, and we’ve wound up back in a place that feels almost exactly like Maelstrom, only instead of an easy-to-read resource bar on your unit frame, it’s hidden as a stacking buff in your buff bars.

After some discussion in the past weeks, we have decided to just revert the changes that replaced Maelstrom with Fulmination.

There are still a few remaining places where Fulmination may be mentioned, but those will either be changed to interact with Maelstrom, or be redesigned entirely in an upcoming build.

Thank you all for your testing and feedback!


Hello! This week’s build includes updates to many of the Warrior covenant abilities.The Kyrian ability Spear of Bastion has had its damage decreased by about 45%, and now begins to deal reduced damage when striking more than 5 targets. This is similar to changes made to Thunder Clap and Revenge last week. Rather than a strict target cap and full damage, we felt it was important to retain Spear’s capabilities as a utility spell, while reigning in its damage contribution in high target-count scenarios.The Night Fae ability Ancient Aftershock no longer applies a damage over time effect to enemies it hits. Instead:

  • The ground will continue to expel anima, dealing Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and generating Rage per enemy over 12 seconds. Every 3 seconds, targets are briefly knocked down.

These additional knockdowns are short, 0.5 second stuns that are not subject to diminishing returns. This change should give Ancient Aftershock a clearer identity as a long-duration disruption ability.The Necrolord ability Conqueror’s Banner has been redesigned to address concerns about the amount of ramp-up required, and to make the group effect more broadly appealing.

  • Conqueror’s Banner – Instant, 3 minute cooldown: Plant the Conqueror’s Banner in the ground, granting 20% maximum health and 10% critical strike chance to you and 2 allies within 15 yards of the banner for 20 seconds. While active, spending 20 Rage (Arms, Protection) / 30 Rage (Fury) and killing enemies grants you Glory. Glory increases your critical strike damage by 1% per stack, up to 30%, for 30 seconds.

When the Warrior plants the banner, it will prefer to buff the two nearest players. This should make it easier for the Warrior to intentionally buff certain allies. As long as those players remain in the area, they’ll keep the buff, even if they don’t stay next to the banner. If one leaves, however, a new player near the banner will gain the buff.

  • The duration of the Glory effect refreshes whenever a new stack is earned, meaning it can last a total of 50 seconds from the time the banner is planted.

Additionally, Necrolord Warriors will learn a separate ability, Raise Banner, that allows them to wear the Conqueror’s Banner on their back at all times, similar to the version of the ability currently on Beta.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these changes play out once the new build is available, and hearing your feedback on them. Thank you!


A hotfix is on the way to remove an incorrect additional -50% Focus Regen modifier for Survival Hunters. After this change Survival Hunters should be back to 5.0 Focus/sec, before Haste.

Can we get a 6th pet ability to replace the removed purge? Pet types that had the purge just simply don’t have a family ability, last I checked. Maybe a pet-based clone of Curse of Tongues? We already have MS and a snare, a cast speed slow will fill a similar niche of reasonably useful but definitely not mandatory utility.This is a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming build.

BM Hunters using ability impalingbolt Arcane Shot over ability hunter cobrashot Cobra Shot is not intended. Numbers will be adjusted in an upcoming build to fix this.

Ferite Mortali

To increase the impact of “ Mortal Wounds” and similar healing reduction effects in PvE situations, we’re doubling the magnitude of these effects against non-player enemies. The value of these effects will remain the same against players.

 Warrior Hunter, Monk


  •  Wound Poison now reduces healing taken by 8% per stack (4% against players).



In this week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta, health potions now have a 5 minute cooldown. Additionally, they are no longer limited to one use per encounter.

Similar to the recent change to combat potions, this is intended to make potion use less of a hassle, less expensive, and more decision-oriented in various situations throughout the game.

Health potions will continue to be in a separate cooldown category from Healthstones and combat potions. Additionally, the Kyrian Phial of Serenity is now on a separate cooldown from health potions, and has been updated to restore 20% health, with a 3 minute cooldown. However, Phial of Serenity is limited to one use per encounter.

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