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Shadowlands beta: nuovi cambiamenti alle classi

cavaliere della morte

Poche ore fa, Blizzard ha rilasciato una nuova e corposa patch per la beta di Shadowlands e questa volta, oltre alle modifiche alle classi viste il 24 Settembre, abbiamo ulteriori cambiamenti al Cavaliere della Morte, Ladro Fuorilegge e Guerriero.

  • Il Cavaliere della Morte ha ricevuto cambiamenti alle magie Abomination Limb, che ora può colpire al massimo 5 bersagli con danni aumentati del 15%, e Shackle the Unworthy, con danni aumentati del 15% ma senza riduzione del cooldown con l’utilizzo di rune.
  • Il Ladro Fuorilegge ha ricevuto cambiamenti alle abilità Blade Flurry, che ora applica il veleno per ogni bersaglio che colpisce, e Between the Eyes, che ora aumenta la possibilità del Critical Strike invece che del Critical Hit Damage.
  • Il Guerriero ha una modifica al potere leggendario Misshapen Mirror che ora aumenta la durata dell’abilità Rifletti Incantesimo del 60% ma applica la difesa a un solo membro del gruppo e non all’intero gruppo.

Per queste e altre novità, vi invitiamo a leggere la nostra pagina dedicata a Shadowlands. Di seguito invece potete trovare tutti i bluepost dedicati, con un titolo indicativo prima di ogni intervento.

Cavaliere della Morte

In this week’s new build of the Shadowlands Beta, we’ve updated two covenant abilities, spell deathknight strangulate Abomination Limb and ability bastion deathknight Shackle the Unworthy.

spell deathknight strangulate Abomination Limb has been target capped at 5, and its damage has increased by 15%. The grip has also been updated so it may only pull the same target every 4 seconds. This change was made to prevent it from encouraging the Death Knight to repeatedly walk out of range and then pull the same target.

We’ve also added a new functionality to the ability that grants ability deathknight boneshield Bone Shield charges, spell frost freezingbreath Rime, or spell shadow rune Runic Corruption (based on spec) the first time the Limb pulls an enemy (this only occurs once). We hope this change will broaden the usage of the ability outside of PvP.

ability bastion deathknight Shackle the Unworthy has had its damage increased by 15%, but no longer has its cooldown reduced when spending runes. Instead of the cooldown reduction, it now works as follows: “While Shackle the Unworthy is active on an enemy, your direct-damage attacks that spend runes have a 50% chance to spread Shackle the Unworthy to a nearby enemy”.

We hope this change gives the ability a more active playstyle and creates more situations where it might be more useful than its previous iteration.

Thanks for the continued feedback, and we look forward to your thoughts on these recent changes.

Ladro Fuorilegge

In this week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta, we have some notable changes for Outlaw Rogues.

Since both Assassination and Subtlety can apply poisons in AoE relatively easily, we want Outlaw to have access to similar utility. As such, Blade Flurry hits can now apply poisons to any enemies hit.

We’ve also changed the Between the Eyes debuff. It no longer gives you increased Critical Hit Damage against the target; it now gives you increased Critical Strike Chance against the target. This allows Blade Flurry to spread the damage bonus of this debuff to secondary target.

Thanks again for your testing and feedback!



In this week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta, the Misshapen Mirror legendary has been changed. It now increases Spell Reflect duration by 60% and only affects your nearest ally.

Previously, this legendary was proving to be stronger than intended.

Thank you very much for your feedback.

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