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WoW: gli effetti corrotti cambieranno al prossimo reset

wow cambiamenti rimandati degli effetti corrotti

Il Community Manager Kaivax, contrariamente a quanto detto ieri, ha annunciato che le modifiche agli effetti corrotti, di cui un nerf del 50% al potere Vuoto Riecheggiante, si attiveranno al prossimo reset settimanale, questo per dare tempo ai giocatori di valutare quale equipaggiamento scegliere tra quelli trovati.

Blizzard ha pubblicato nuovi hotfix, dove abbiamo nuovi fix per i computer MAC e aggiustamenti per il boss Carapace di N’Zoth dell’incursione Ny’alotha, la città risvegliata.

Update – 5:20 p.m. PST February 5

We have been reading your thoughts on the Corruption changes and have decided to hold them for regional restarts next week. We understand the impact they will make on your gear selection and agree that it makes more sense to do it at the start of a week.

Also during regional restarts, we plan to make some tuning changes to Mythic N’Zoth to better align the encounter with the changes that are being made to players’ Corrupted items.

Thank you all for your feedback on this.

Update – 11:30 a.m. PST February 5

Soon today, we’re going to make the following adjustments in a single hotfix:

  • Echoing Void damage has been reduced by 50%.
    • Echoing Void no longer deals reduced damage in PvP combat.
  • Deadly Momentum’s buff duration has been increased to 30 seconds (was 15 seconds).
  • Void Ritual’s stat bonus per stack has been approximately doubled at each rank.
  • Surging Vitality’s Versatility value has been increased by 10%.
  • Avoidant now subjects you to 20% less Corruption at each rank.

February 5, 2020

Darkmoon Arcade

  • Previously unlocked Rune Matching difficulty levels no longer reset weekly; once a character has unlocked a difficulty level, it will remain unlocked.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Ny’alotha, the Waking City
    • Carapace of N’Zoth
      • Resolved an issue where Fury of N’Zoth could gain Mycelial Infusion while transitioning into the Den of Transfusion on Mythic difficulty.

Items and Rewards

  • Corrupted Items
    • Fixed an issue with some Corruption Effects scaling improperly during Timewalking instances.
    • Fixed an issue with Faralos, Empire’s Dream causing its Corruption Effect to not reliably hit large enemies.


  • MacOS
    • Players who have experienced crashes or freezes on MacOS systems can now change the Particle Density visual effects setting to “Disabled”. This may help users work around the issue while we investigate it further.

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