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Shadowlands beta: aggiustamenti per Cavaliere della Morte, Sciamano e Sacerdote


Nuovi aggiustamenti alle classi sono arrivati nella beta di Shadowlands. La scorsa settimana ci sono stati per Paladino e Sciamano, mentre nell’ultimo aggiornamento ci sono state modifiche al Cavaliere della Morte e al Sacerdote, con una modifica ulteriore allo Sciamano.

Per il Cavaliere della Morte abbiamo un cambiamento grafico all’abilità Trasformazione Oscura e rimozione di alcuni cooldown per la specializzazione Empietà. Lo Sciamano sta avendo dei cambiamenti alla magia Echoing Shock e dei miglioramenti alla magia Spiriti Elementali della specializzazione Potenziamento. C’è discussione sulla nuova magia del Sacerdote Unholy Nova che avrebbe un raggio di azione troppo corto e costringerebbe ai Sacerdoti di stare troppo vicino al pericolo.

Per queste e altre novità, vi invitiamo a leggere la nostra pagina dedicata a Shadowlands. Di seguito invece potete trovare tutti i bluepost dedicati, con un titolo indicativo prima di ogni intervento.

Cavaliere della Morte

We’ve continued to work from feedback that the Unholy opener can take too long to get going. Even with attempts to help alleviate this issue over the last few weeks, it’s still not where we would like it to be.

Unholy has quite a few iconic abilities and they aren’t easily removed. Thus, our goal with this week’s latest build is to reduce the number of cooldowns in the opener, help out Rune economy, and give access to a baseline AoE Runic Spender.


  • Summon Gargoyle is moved back as a level 50 talent.
  • Unholy Pact moved to the level 45 talent tier.
  • Epidemic is baseline.
  • Dark Transformation has been removed, and its functionality has been added to Apocalypse.
    • Developers’ notes: Legendaries and Conduits that interact with your ghoul while they have Dark Transformation still function as they did prior to this change.
  • Death Coil has updated to reduce the cooldown of Apocalypse by 1.5 seconds.
    • Developers’ notes: When you cast Apocalypse, your Dark Transformation is no longer delayed by a missile travel time.


We have a small update for Blood to address the feedback about the Ossuary talent feeling mandatory.

  • Ossuary is now baseline and learned at level 58.
  • Blood Tap is now moved to place Ossuary was in talents.

Thanks for the continued feedback! Please keep it coming once you’ve had a chance to test the new build.

Thanks for feedback–in an upcoming build, we are reverting the recent change to Dark Transformation. It will once again be its own ability.


Echoing Shock had a bunch of work done in the past week that should resolve these problems. I believe in the build that is being pushed today, regardless of what you did prior to pressing Echoing Shock, it should only actually do something with whatever button you press after activating Echoing Shock. Check it out when the PTR or beta realms are up and reply here if that is not the case.

Some covenant abilities may not fully work with it yet. The core Shaman buttons should be working with it.

Feral Spirits are a bit weak right now, and the talented version has some issues where the different elemental wolves don’t interact with some abilities that they should be.


A test spell for Unholy Nova showed up in some data mining. We wanted to clarify that currently Unholy Nova is not being changed. We’ve heard feedback that being forced into melee range to use this spell is restrictive, particularly when using abilities like Nether Link which have a minimum range. This is something we’re looking to address, however this prototype version that was data mined is still in development and not something we are looking for feedback on at this time.

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