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Shadowlands beta: aggiustamenti per Paladino e Sciamano

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Ieri è stata rilasciata una nuova corposa patch per la beta di Shadowlands e questa volta, oltre alle modifiche alle classi viste la settimana scorsa, ci sono degli aggiustamenti alle abilità del Paladino Protezione e all’abilità Maelstrom dello Sciamano che ora non può accumulare più di dieci cariche alla volta.

Per queste e altre novità, vi invitiamo a leggere la nostra pagina dedicata a Shadowlands. Di seguito invece potete trovare tutti i bluepost dedicati, con un titolo indicativo prima di ogni intervento.

Catching up on a few things on Protection:
–Reverted the Holy Power changes from the July 8 update. All things considered, the attempt to rearrange where Protection Holy Power comes from wasn’t enough of a win, given the general sense that spell holy righteousfury Judgment feels a lot better when it generates. Total Holy Power generation should also be higher again in this build as a result.
–Moved some mitigation from ability paladin shieldofvengeance Shield of the Righteous to spell holy innerfire Consecration. This improves mitigation outside of ability paladin shieldofvengeance Shield of the Righteous and makes damage less swingy.
–Replaced Shining Light with ability paladin toweroflight Bastion of Glory (similar mechanic that existed in Warlords–ability paladin shieldofvengeance Shield of the Righteous gives a stacking self-healing increase to Word of Glory). The role of the passive is the same–give Word of Glory a rotational cadence that gives it a clearly “better” time to use.

I’m very deeply concerned about this change back to just 5 total stacks of Maelstrom Weapon.

To clarify: this is just a tooltip error. The current build you have should still have a 10 maximum stack of Maelstrom Weapon. In-game, you are probably seeing two different buffs, one that stacks up to 5, and one that stacks up to 10. The one that stacks up to 5 will be hidden in a future build. The Maelstrom Weapon tooltip is just pointing to the wrong place for maximum stacks.

We hear there are some problems with Chain Harvest and this iteration of Maelstrom Weapon, that will be looked into and fixed as well.

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