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Shadowlands: cambiamenti alle classi Cacciatore, Sciamano e Mago

wow camabiamenti alle classi

Con l’annuncio che la pre-patch è arrivata sul PTR, il Community Manager Kaivax ha annunciato diversi cambiamenti per le classi Cacciatore, Mago e Sciamano. Dopo i cambiamenti per la classe Sacerdote Ombra, le classi Cacciatore e Mago hanno subito diversi modifiche ai loro talenti e abilità, mentre per lo sciamano abbiamo una rivisitazione alle specializzazioni Elementale e Potenziamento.

Se volete rimanere aggiornati su tutto visitate la nostra sezione spoiler.

This week’s Beta and PTR builds include some updates for Marksmanship Hunters, notably their generation and spending of Focus, and updates to some of the more problematic talents.

In Battle for Azeroth, Rapid Fire’s focus generation and the Master Marksman talent increase the amount of available Focus you have a by a decent amount, which almost pushes Steady Shot’s Focus generation away from being necessary at all. Now:

  • Aimed Shot Focus Cost increased to 35 (was 30).
  • Arcane Shot and Multi-Shot Focus cost increased to 20 (was 15).
  • Rapid Fire duration lowered to 2 seconds (was 3 seconds). Total damage dealt by Rapid Fire should be unchanged.

The above changes should cause you to spend a bit more Focus, and passively generate less from Rapid Fire.

Several talent changes are also coming to both prop up some underused talents, and replace others:

Level 15 Row:

  • Redesigned: Master Marksman (Passive) – Your critical shots cause your target to bleed for 15% of the damage dealt over 6 seconds.
  • Serpent Sting’s duration increased to 18 seconds (was 12 seconds).

Level 25 Row:

  • Careful Aim has had the low health benefit removed as it felt redundant with Kill Shot returning. Additionally, the high health threshold has been lowered to 70% (was 80%).

Level 35 Row:

  • Redesigned: Steady Focus – Casting Steady Shot twice in a row now increases your haste by 7% for 10 seconds.
  • Redesigned: Streamline (Passive) – Rapid Fire damage is increased by 15%, and Rapid Fire now also reduces the cast time of your next Aimed Shot by 30%.
  • Chimaera Shot now replaces Arcane Shot.
    • Chimaera Shot’s cooldown has been removed for Marksmanship Hunters. It has a Focus cost of 20.
    • Chimaera Shot should work with everything that Arcane Shot works with, such as Precise Shots, or any Torghast Power, or Legendary effect.
    • Chimera Shot no longer causes both the Frost and Nature attack to hit a single target. This is a bug fix.

Level 45 Row

  • Lethal Shots proc chance has been increased to 30% (was 20%).

Level 50 Row

  • Lock and Load’s proc chance has been increased to 8% (was 5%).

The above talent changes should open up some diversity in talent choices, and Chimaera Shot replacing Arcane shot opens up some alternate 2-target cleave options without increasing your action bar bloat.

Hello Mages. In this week’s build, we’ve made many changes to Arcane as well as a few updates to the other specs to address recent concerns about talents and GCD usage.

General Mage Changes

  • Mirror Images damage greatly reduced, Frostbolt added to all Mirror Images, and while your images are active, damage taken is reduced by 20%. Taking direct damage will cause one of your images to dissipate.
    • Developers’ notes: The goal is to push Mirror Images away from a DPS cooldown and give it a defensive component. Now, only taking direct damage will cause an image to dissipate and there is an ICD of 2 seconds to ensure at least a 6 second uptime when taking damage.
  • Rune of Power has been reworked to cast at your location when you use one of either Combustion, Arcane Power, or Icy Veins, depending on your spec.
    • Developers’ notes: This change is aimed to help with the cast time and GCD utilization at the beginning of an encounter, while remaining viable in your opener as a high burst window.


The following Arcane changes are focused on reducing ramp up time, as well as opening up more talent options based on the content you’re running.

  • Arcane Power cooldown reduced to 2 minutes (was 3 minutes).
  • Touch of the Magi now generates 4 Arcane Charges on cast.
  • New Talent: Master of Time – Reduces the cooldown of Alter Time by 30 seconds. Alter Time resets the cooldown of Blink when you return to your original location.
  • Alter Time has been moved to Level 24 for Arcane mages.
  • Resonance damage per target hit with Arcane Barrage increased to 15% (was 10%).
  • Charged Up removed.
    • Developers’ notes: Touch of the Magi will now generate 4 charges baseline. This opens up the Level 35 tier for more viable options that focus heavily on dealing AoE damage.
  • New Level 35 Talent: Arcane Echo – Direct damage you deal to enemies affected by Touch of the Magi, causes an explosion that deals [0.15xSP] Arcane damage to 8 nearby enemies.
  • Time Anomaly now grants Time Warp for 6 seconds.
    • Developers’ notes: A simple change, but this should make Time Anomaly feel more satisfying as a talent since gaining Time Warp is always a good thing, but gaining Arcane Charges isn’t something you’d always necessarily want.


Fire updates are centered around the change that saw Phoenix Flames baseline as the Ignite spread.

  • Phoenix Flames damage increased and recharge time reduced, but no longer guarantees critical hits.
    • Developers’ notes: Phoenix Flames still interacts with Hot Streak, so it can benefit within the Combustion window, but outside of that, it will primarily function as a way to spread your Ignite.
  • Alexstrasza’s Fury – Dragon’s Breath now also gains a 50% increased critical strike damage bonus.
  • New talent: From the Ashes – Increases Mastery by 2% for each charge of Phoenix Flames off cooldown, and your direct-damage critical strikes reduce its cooldown by 1 second.

We have some significant updates in this week’s builds of the Beta and the PTR.

Elemental Shaman

The current version of Fulmination and Seismic Thunder in Shadowlands has a lot of different abilities generating a lot of different buffs, making things feel disjointed. In this Beta build, we’re removing Seismic Thunder entirely, and pushing more of the core abilities to interact with the Fulmination mechanic.

  • Chain Lightning (and overloads) that strike two or more targets now generate one stack of Fulmination.
  • Lava Burst (and overloads) now generate one stack of Fulmination.
  • Earthquake’s cast time is reduced by 20% per stack of Fulmination, up to a cap of 100% reduction (instant cast), and Earthquake’s damage is increased by 20% per stack of Fulmination, up to 160%. Earthquake now also consumes all stacks of Fulmination when cast.

The recent Totem Mastery redesign hasn’t turned out as well as we hoped, so we’ve scrapped that talent entirely and shuffled some talents around for Elemental Shaman:

  • Elemental Blast has been moved to the level 25 row in place of Totem Mastery.
  • Aftershock now only works from Earth Shock casts and no longer has any interaction with Earthquake
  • Echoing Shock now only duplicates targeted damage or healing spells.

To replace the empty spot left by Elemental Blast on the level 15 row, we have added a new talent, Static Discharge.

  • Static Discharge is an active ability with a 30 second cooldown that requires you to have Lightning Shield active. Using Static Discharge will cause some quick zaps of Nature damage to strike enemies over 3 seconds, prioritizing any target that is afflicted with your Flame Shock debuff.

Enhancement Shaman

We’re happy with the last big round of changes to Enhancement Shaman from a few weeks ago, but had a few talents that aren’t working out. Similar to Elemental, Totem Mastery has been replaced on the level 25 row, and the Cycle of the Elements talent has also been replaced on the level 35 row.

New level 25 talent: Ice Strike – 15 second cooldown. Strike your target for Frost damage, snaring them by 50% for 6 seconds. Ice Strike will also reset the cooldown of your Flame and Frost Shock spells.

New level 35 talent: Elemental Assault (passive) – Stormstrike deals 15% increased damage, and generates 1 stack of Maelstrom Weapon.

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